Kelly Brook: ‘I Distract People With My Big Boobs’

Kelly Brook’s infamous frame has seen her grace many a magazine cover and star in several below par movies. But it also seems like Brook has used her figure to her advantage in numerous other ways, admitting that her “big boobs” often help her distract men.

Citing US customs as her main location, her using her assets telling Style magazine, “I hear some people do have issues getting into America. But I just show my Playboy issue on the way through customs. Then once the officer has a look at the cover, they never hesitate to let me in.”

Brook has also stated that she has uses this tactic when being asked questions in interviews too. “I won’t sit on the Piers Morgan show and talk about X, Y and Z,” added the busty beauty. “It’s nobody’s business but my business. Instead, I just distract people with my big boobs. They’re so focused on them, they don’t care what I eat for breakfast.”

She also went onto reveal that her look comes naturally to her, “I’m naturally booby, I’ve naturally got hair, I’ve naturally got a bug bum, that’s just my look I guess. I’m flattered that people like it.” Meanwhile, her relationship with the former rugby player Thom Evans is going from strength to strength, with Brook describing the 27-year-old hunk as her “best friend.”

Brook has recently been performing a role in a raunchy burlesque show at the Crazy Horse club in London entitled Forever Crazy, which has had thousands of fans in attendance.