Adriana Lima Risked Exposing Her Crotch At IWC Schaffhausen Gala Courtesy Of Long Slit Dress

Sexy Victoria's Secret model almost took things too far in a risky high-slit dress that almost exposed her crotch at the IWC Schaffhausen gala which was held in Geneva.

Lima was clad in a tantalizing Pink-champagne gown that had a long slit running almost all the way to her waist. The dress was too risky for her because it almost exposed her crotch. Luckily, the slit was well positioned such that she managed to walk around in it and did not show off more than she intended.

Lima flaunts a lot of eye candy at the IWC Schaffhausen gala

Despite risking too much with the high slit, Lima undoubtedly looked elegant in the dress. She showed off a lot of skin as she strutted her stuff on the floor. Speaking of legs, the 35-year-old is certainly blessed when it comes to that department which is perhaps why she likes to stylishly show them off. At one point during her glamorous walk, the wind was against her, almost causing a catastrophe. Luckily the beautiful model managed to compose herself by managing to cover up in all the right places.

Adriana Lima risked exposing her crotch
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Lima's dress stole the show

Lima is one of the latest celebrities bent on making sure that there are dressed to kill whenever they attend these public events. She clearly did not disappoint as far as the IWC Schaffhausen gala was concerned. Other than the near miss wardrobe mishap, the model looked extremely happy as she walked the gray carpet. She was all smiles and looking sexy in her daring outfit which was clearly a head turner. Adriana's level of confidence was off the charts, but then again she has had a lot of practice on the runway.
The model had accessorized the dress with a pair of gold high heels that went very well with the color of the dress. She also had some sparkly earrings and a brown leather band wrist watch. The star also rocked red lipstick to add more color to her already glowing beautiful and perfect face. The controversial dress also hugged her body tightly, thus giving a nice view of her curves. It was also designed such that it only hanged on one shoulder, leaving the other one exposed so that it could show off the top of her left boob as well as a bit of skin on her shoulder and back.

Adriana Lima risked exposing her crotch
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Adriana has always provoked a lot of attention especially when it comes to her incredible physique especially considering that she is a mother of two. She claims that she maintains her figure through her eating habits.

"I'm all about portion control. I try to be better about eating small portions every few hours throughout the day, and proteins found in veggies instead of meat," Lima stated.

Adriana Lima was not the only celebrity rocking a dress with a high slit. Naomi Harris was also present at the event which had a significant number of celebrities. The actress was dressed in a white dress that had a plunging neckline, an almost waist-high slit that also almost exposed her crotch and a black finish wrapped around her right above her waist to help hold the dress together. The dress was as risky as the one that Adriana wore and perhaps even more scandalous.

"The Skyfall actress wore a show-stopping winter white number that broke all of the style rules," the Daily Star reported.

Unline Kima's dress, Naomi's had long sleeves and the plunging neckline also added to the sizzle because it also gave a sneak peek at her cleavage because she was braless. She also matched the dress with a pair of black strapped heels. She accessorized with shiny earrings and a silver watch. Both Lima and Naomi looked equally dashing despite the risk of exposing their crotches with their high slits.

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