Baring It All! Jemima Kirke Undresses During An Interview As She Addresses The Split

Having bared almost all on the HBO show Girls, you would think there is nothing left for Jemima Kirke to reveal. A recent video interview, however, says otherwise. The video was shot during for a What's Underneath series of StyleLikeU, where the focus is on self-acceptance and where women strip down to their undies piece-by-piece as they explain what style means to them.

In the video where Jemima Kirke undresses during an interview, the TV star who plays the role of Jessa in Girls revealed that the real reason she cut her hair short was because of problems in her marriage to Michael Mosberg. The couple recently split after being married for seven years.

Jemima Kirke undresses during an interview
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"I was having a terrible moment with my husband in our relationship and I was extremely hurt by him and extremely angry at him and so I was feeling self-destructive. I said I wanted to go shorter and he said 'I'll do it' and he cut it. It was really nice,' she added. 'It was kind of romantic. It's nice to have someone you love cut your hair," revealed the British native.

In a video she posted on Twitter, the actress recorded herself using a pair of scissors to cut her blonde locks. At the time it was not clear why she did it but has now admitted it had everything to do with her marital problems.

Became a mother at 25

The couple has two children together – a four-year-old son named Memphis Kirke and a six-year-old daughter named Rafaella Israel. Michael, who is a former lawyer, is also a father to two children from a previous relationship – a son named Elijah and a daughter named Lea. Jemima admitted last year in a newspaper interview that the two met in rehab. Three years ago Jemima revealed to New York magazine that her husband was looking to open a rehab center in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn. Just like the character Jessa, Kirke had a drug addiction which started in her teenage years.

Jemima Kirke undresses during an interview
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"The reason I never talked about it before is because I wasn't sure what the f--k I was. When you are in rehab, and after it, you think you are an addict. I didn't feel that the label fitted, but I was scared that if I abandoned it, then I would go right back to where I was. That is the message sent to you when you are in these establishments," Jemima said in a newspaper interview.

Though it is not clear when exactly the couple split, different sources say that it was in the summer of last year. Sources also said that by July, Mosberg had already joined Raya, a members-only dating app. Despite the split, the actress and painter has revealed that she still loves Michael and noted that she always felt relaxed by his presence even when she was mad at him. She also admitted that he always made her feel attractive and had at one time called her body a work of art.

Not the girl in the Girls

In the What's Underneath video where Jemima Kirke undresses during an interview, Jemima also revealed that despite appearing confident and brash, she secretly harbored a lot of insecurities. She noted, for instance, that she is not confident of her parenting abilities. Having become a mother at the young age of 25, the TV star admitted that she was not ready for the role and had gotten into it in just the same way that people get a tattoo or a haircut.

At the time, a lot of people thought she was getting her life in order despite the fact that she was barely handling it. Because of her age and being the party type, she was not ready to be at home with her daughter every night and this made the actress feel selfish. Lack of patience and self-centeredness were also other things that added to the guilt. In the video where Jemima Kirke undresses during an interview, the actress also joked she wished there was a test that could be done to check a woman's readiness to be a mother. And as a painter, motherhood gave her an excuse to neglect her art for a time.

The final season of Girls is set to begin airing in February.
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