'Days Of Our Lives' Cancelled? NBC President Weighs In On The Rumors

Days of Our Lives cancellation rumors have been running wild over the past month after it was announced that news anchor Megyn Kelly would be heading to NBC this year. Kelly, who has reportedly been offered multiple opportunities with the network, is said to possibly be headlining a daytime news show that could force the long running soap opera off the air after more than 50 years. However, the show may not be over in Salem just yet.

According to TV Line, NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt recently revealed that the show isn't up for renewal for a couple of months, and that he doesn't believe it will be cancelled just yet.

"We don't make a decision for another couple months, but I don't think it's over yet."
Greenblatt also went on to say that Megyn Kelly's arrival at NBC shouldn't have any impact on Days of Our Lives, as it's "too early" to know what she'll be doing on the network, or in what time slot she'll be appearing.

Days of Our Lives cancelled? NBC president weighs in on the rumors.
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"Everybody assumed that she would kill that show. And that's a bad assumption. It's still too early to know where she's going to be in daytime. And we have a lot of news hours in daytime, so there's some flexibility."
Meanwhile, while Days of Our Lives fans are freaking out about the soap opera possibly being cancelled, Greenblatt says that if NBC ever does make the decision to pull the plug on the long running series, they would try to be respectful and give fans plenty of notice.
"We would try to do that. Unfortunately, soap operas are written so far ahead of when they air… like, six months. But yeah, we would try to be respectful."
Currently, Days of Our Lives is bringing the drama with multiple shocking storylines. Chloe Lane has given birth to the child of Nicole Walker and the late Dr. Daniel Jonas. However, she's conflicted about telling the biological mother about the child due to Nicole's serious romance with Salem bad boy Deimos Kiriakis. Nicole, who has dreamed of being a mother her whole life, will soon learn that Chloe's daughter is actually her own, and her life will change significantly.

Days of Our Lives not cancelled yet.
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Hope Brady has recently escaped from prison, where she was sent after murdering Stefano DiMera in cold blood. However, Stefano may have actually faked his own death...again. Rafe, Steve, Paul, and Marlena are currently scouring the world to try to find Stefano and prove that Hope is innocent. However, as Days of Our Lives fans know, there is already a manhunt underway for the former Salem police officer, and she's currently shacking up with fellow jailbird Eric Brady, who has offered her shelter and safety as she recovers from being stabbed and hides from police.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fan favorite couple, Chad and Abigail, are also navigating a rocky road. The couple have only recently reunited after Abigail was presumed dead in a plane crash. Abigail returned to Salem to find that her husband had moved on with Gabi Hernandez, and that they were getting serious. However, Gabi graciously stepped aside when she found out that Chad's wife, and her best friend, was still alive. The situation has gotten awkward, but Abigail is determined to get her marriage back on track.

All of these storylines will contine to play out as Days of Our Lives' fate hangs in the balance. Fans who have been watching the show for decades are hopeful that the soap will get renewed, and that new and creative writing will help draw in viewers.

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