Lisa Appleton Gives Partiers More Than A Panty Show During Bull Riding Escapade

Lisa Appleton has always been known for being the life and soul of any party, which would probably explain why the fact that was wearing no trousers didn't stop her from mounting a mechanical bull, giving partiers more than they had bargained for. Apart from being a good laugh to watch people getting tossed of a bull, Lisa Appleton gave her fans a rather endearing panty show to boot, as she let loose during her holiday in Spain.

The famed Big Brother contestant wore a tight-fitting black vest and sheer lace undies while she was enjoying her night out on the town. The 48-year-old left her inhibitions behind as she straddled the bronco, only to reveal more than one who have hoped for from her insufficient attire.

Lisa Appleton panty show to ride a bull
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Lisa rose to fame during the 2008 edition of Big Brother, entering the house with her then infamous boyfriend, Mario Marconi. During that year the couple went on make television history by becoming the first couple to ever get engaged inside the house. The loving couple then went on to tie the proverbial knot on the Channel 4 series, "The Wedding House." The duo split a mere five years later in 2013 after eight-and-a-half year together, Lisa admitting that she had been unhappy for a while.

"I feel free and liberated because I felt trapped for so many years."
Panty Show For The Win

I seem that Lisa's daring panty reveal did land her a small romance or two during the night. She was seen with one of her male admirers snogging outside the pub, while pictures have indicated that he gave her bottom a tight squeeze while the two got pretty close after the spectacle. The quickie was just that, quick, and Lisa was spotted heading on home with Pop Idol reject Danny Tetley. The pair were seen walking arm in arm, Lisa placing a sweet kiss on the Idols' cheek.

Danny Tetley is not the only eye that has been lured by Lisa's outrageous antics as of late. Celebrity Big Brother winner, Scotty T made a surprise admission that came as somewhat of a shock to his 1,66 million Twitter followers, when he posted pics that he had snapped of Ms. Appleton moving her rubbish bins in her underwear.

The CBB winner also posted a pic of the braless 48-year-old wearing a see-through lace outfit, jokingly captioning the pics, "Get a girl who can do both." The evolving of this flirtatious activity has come after news surfaced that Lisa had split from her double-glazing salesman boyfriend Paul back in December last year. The couple is said to have split after Lisa's bizarre behavior started making headlines. Her antics included cavorting around the beach in a very see-through, white England top, riding her bike in her bra, and partying wildly in Spain.
"I feel like I have been let out of a cage. I am just starting to live again. I know I have upset a lot of people by rolling around on the beach."
Freedom To Heal

Lisa has opened up about her antics and what this period of letting loose means to her, admitting that her over the top behavior is her way of healing after her long-term romance with TV star Mario Marconi. She admits that getting a little loose is helping her to heal her wounds.

"Loads of people are saying that I am having a mid-life crisis, or it's embarrassing. Paul has said it's embarrassing, my daughter has said it's embarrassing. I am sorry for upsetting people, but it is my way of coming out of severe depression."
The bull-riding panty flasher has taken the opportunity to send flirtatious vibes back the way of Scotty T, replying to his cheeky comment, saying "get a guy who can do both," ending the comment with a wink faced emoji. Only time will tell if this new romance will blossom, let's just hope that Lisa manages to keep her panty flashing shenanigans to a minimum.
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