Ali Fedotowsky Slams ‘Bachelor’ Bad Girl Corinne Olympios, Calls Her Behavior 'Truly Sad'

Ali Fedotowsky has some harsh words for Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios. Fedotowsky, who was a contestant on the long-running dating show before headlining her own season of The Bachelorette, posted about the current season of the ABC franchise to her Ali Luvs blog. In her post, Fedotowsky slammed this season's "villain" and called her out for her inappropriate behavior, which included taking her bikini top off during a group photo shoot date with Bachelor Nick Viall last week.

While Ali says she feels "sorry" for Corinne, the new mom questioned why she the 24-year-old blonde beauty would be so sexually aggressive with a guy who is dating more than a dozen other women. Fedotowsky especially took issue with Olympios' attempt to get The Bachelor star's attention by showing up at this week's cocktail party wearing a trench coat with nothing else under it, then asking him to lick whipped cream off of her body. The trick failed and Nick went off with another contestant, Jasmine.

"I couldn't help but feel so sorry for her," Fedotowsky wrote of Corinne.

"She just took off all her clothes and threw herself at a man hoping she could win him over by doing that…For her to think that this is the way she wins a man's affection when he's clearly not in a monogamous relationship with her, I find that truly sad. Like heartbreakingly sad."
Ali Fedotowsky admits that her new life as a mom to six-month-old daughter Molly has changed the entire way she looks at the ABC reality show. Ali even added that she would be devastated if her daughter ever behaved that way when she gets older.

"I would never want her to even think this was an option, never mind actually throwing herself at a man like that," Ali wrote. "[Corinne] reminded me of a girl that had just slept with a guy and woke up the next morning hating herself. I've been there. I know many women have. I truly hope Corinne realizes that she can attract a man with so much more than her sexuality."

Fedotowsky also wrote that while she thinks this season's Bachelor standout will "be around for a while," she doesn't think she's wifey material for Nick Viall.

"It makes it very clear to me, and I'm sure to all of you, that she is too young to be Nick's wife," Fedotowsky wrote. "And not because she's 24. But because she's mentally immature."

Fedotowsky added that she wished she could make Corinne believe that she's worth more than "all this sexuality garbage," despite the fact that The Bachelor bad girl boasted this disclaimer to ABC's cameras:

"Dad would be proud. Even though I was naked."
Ali Fedotowsky has been vocal about the over-the-top antics of this season's female contestants on The Bachelor and she pointed to Viall's reputation as one of the reasons for their outlandish behavior.

"There's a lot more sexuality on this season," Ali told ABC News.

"[The] second episode, and there have already been two topless girls. I just want [the women] to know they're better than that. Nick is considered the sexy Bachelor. I feel like the girls on this season feel the need to play up their sexuality for that reason."
Ali Fedotowsky vied for Jake Pavelka's heart on the 14th season of The Bachelor in 2010. After leaving Pavelka's season early due to work commitments, Ali was named the next Bachelorette, ending her run with an engagement to Roberto Martinez. After she split from Martinez, Ali became engaged to longtime love Kevin Manno. Ai and Kevin welcomed baby Molly last summer and they are currently planning their wedding for later this year.

Take a look at the video below to see Ali Fedotowsky talking about this season's women on The Bachelor.

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