'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Ep 18 Recap And News: What’s Next For Lee Min Ho?

The Legend of the Blue Sea has only two episodes left in its run. Episode 18 brought the drama to third and second place in the rankings race, at 18.3 nationwide and 19.9 in Seoul respectively, according to AGB Nielson. Previously, Heo Joon Jae tried to convince his father to come with him, as he had been suspecting that his scheming stepmother was slowly poisoning his father's mind. But Chairman Heo Il Joong was stubborn, and thought that his rebellious son, whom he hadn't seen properly for the last 10 years, was only making an issue out of his hatred for his father's new family.

Unfortunately, Kang Seo Hee had already secured Il-joong's will so that only she and her son, Heo Chi Hyun, will receive inheritance in case of his death. Because of this, she started to hasten the process of her husband's trip to the grave. Since she discovered one night that the almost blind Il-joong heard her conniving with Ma Dae Young, she decided to deliver the ultimate poison using the wolfsbane plant. She has been nurturing quite a few pots in her personal den, saving it as an untraceable murder weapon. This plant when ingested, slows the heart rate and causes heart failure, but initially leaves no trace in the victim's body.

After taking a few sips from the tea laced with poison, Il-joong realized that Joon-jae had been right all along. As he clutched his heart and with the remaining life he had in him, he tried to call and ask Joon-jae's help, but unfortunately, his son was out of reach.

The Legend of the Blue Sea's antagonist Ma Dae Young didn't murder Dam Ryeong after all.
Sung Dong Il's portrayal of Ma Dae Yang is brilliant in 'The Legend of the Blue Sea.' [Image by SBS Korea]

Meanwhile, Joon-jae was actually in a meeting with police detectives in his house, trying to crack the case of how they can pin evidence against Seo-hee. The pills, needles, and pots of wolfsbane that Joon-jae, Nam-doo, and Tae-oh obtained from his father's house were retrieved under false pretenses, and therefore inadmissible in court. When he could finally check his mobile, his father's last voice message confirmed his worst fear. Unfortunately, even if by some magic he could teleport to his father's house, it would still be too late to save him.

With nothing to lose, Joon-jae became more resolved in proving that his stepmother had murdered his father. However, initial reports from the medical examiner showed that Il-joong had suffered from cardiac arrest. When Joon-jae demanded an autopsy, Chi-hyun stepped in and refused to grant it stating that he is the oldest and recognized son of the chairman. From the point of view of those unfamiliar with their history, it would look like Joon-jae, estranged from his rich father for years, was only after his rightful inheritance.

Legend of the Blue Sea's Nam Doo didn't repeat history in Episode 18.
Nam Doo didn't repeat history in Episode 18. [Image by SBS Korea]

In Episode 18, flashbacks from the past revealed that it was not Ma Dae Young who killed Dam Ryeong and Se Hwa. At first, it was even thought to be Nam-doo's former self who did it, especially when he seemed to connive with Chi-hyun during the present time, to kill Joon-jae once and for all. Upon closer look, it was actually Chi-hyun's former self who had speared Dam Ryeong, and history repeated itself somewhat in the present time. The only difference is that Nam-doo favored friendship over money, and worked undercover to bring down Seo-hee.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Just as evil as his mother was, Chi-hyun's harbored anger prevailed as he attempted to kill Joon-jae in his moment of desperation. Sadly, Sim Cheong's reflexes put her in the bullet's way, and it looks like the mermaid would die once again.

Two episodes left to tie loose ends

There are still some loose ends that need to be tied in the drama, and they have two episodes left to do this. For one, why did Joon-jae's mom give up on their family so easily, and even left her son in the care of the new woman in Il-joong's life. Then there's still Dae-young who has yet to get his memories back, and he would probably deliver a final crime before the series ends. Lastly, why can Cheong's little friend Yoo-na hear her mermaid voice? Is it because her love for her "unni" is pure just as Joon-jae's love for Cheong is, that's why they can hear her thoughts? If so, then why can't her other beggar friend hear her?

As the drama ends, fans wonder what's next for Lee Min Ho. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Min-ho's C-movie Bounty Hunters will be premiering in the US by the end of January. In addition, he has set a fan meeting on February 18 and 19 in Korea, in an event called "The Originality of Lee Min Ho."

Months ago, news broke out that the Korean drama The Legend of the Blue Sea would be Lee's last project before he ships off for his mandatory military service. However, according to an interview published in Drama Fever, Min-ho reveals that his military enlistment has not been finalized. The Hallyu actor also revealed that he has thought of his fans switching to another idol while he is away for his military service. But he thinks of himself as an unfinished book.

"I can't say that I haven't thought about it. But, if I thought of myself as a book, I am an unfinished book. [I'm] still a work in progress. No one knows what the ending will be. But I believe the process of [writing] a page or a chapter will be remembered. I will work harder to complete the book to everyone's liking. It's my responsibility and my duty."
The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 airs tonight on SBS. Viewers in Europe can catch the last two episodes on Viki.

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