Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan Flashes Nipple In Vulgar Snapchat Video With Boyfriend Kyle Christie

Geordie Shore's former star Holly Hagan showed off a bit too much in a recent Snapchat video where she flashed her nipples while naked with her boyfriend Kyle Christie.

Hagan and Kyle decided to post a vulgar Snapchat in which they were both naked while on their romantic getaway in Thailand. This was after they decided to refocus their attention on their relationship towards the end of 2016 after being separated for some time. The two were clearly still in a romantic mood and were no shying off from showing off their affection but they showed off a bit too much because Holly's nipples were also seen in the video.

Holly and Kyle's naked Snapchat video

The former Geordie Shore star and her boyfriend lay naked on a bed in the video which was shared on Snapchat. The video features Holly talking with her camera focused on her upper body. It is not clear whether she did it intentionally or she accidentally did not notice that the field of focus also included her breasts.

Holly Hagan nipple show in vulgar snapchat video with boyfriend Kyle Christie
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Picking up where their relationship left off after being separated in Geordie Shore

Holly does not seem to be worried about her boobs and nipple being exposed on Snapchat courtesy of her bubbly personality. However, that personality has not always been there. Ever since Kyle was forced out of Geordie Shore in 2015 by his co-stars after they threw him off their party boat in Greece for being a bad boyfriend. Since his exit and split from Holly, she faced accusations that she was boring on the set of the TV show.

Holly's mood, however, changed after Kyle's visit which worked wonders because it triggered Holly's bubbly character. The two then decided to give their relationship another try in 2015 and they seem to be closer to each other.

"At the minute, we're spending time together and we're very happy, so we're trying to keep it out of the public eye. We both tried seeing other people and we ended up coming back together," Holly told MTV.

The two are glad to have been in Geordie Shore despite their ups and downs because that is where they met. They decided to go on the Thailand trip shortly after Holly announced that she was quitting the show. During her last episode of Geordie Shore, Hagan expressed her gratitude to all the people that have been part of her Geordie Shore journey over the past six years. She opened up about leaving the show on Instagram about a month ago.

Holly Hagan nipple show in vulgar snapchat video with boyfriend Kyle Christie
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The Thailand trip also had its fair share of ups and downs. Holly stated that they had a scary near-death experience while they were on a plane, Holly took to Twitter to talk about the near-death experience on the plane.

"Scariest flight of my life zero visibility so close to the ground in Krabi and having to pull back up and divert to Phuket," Holly wrote.

Fortunately, they arrived safely and her fans sympathized with her on the comment section on her tweet. The former Geordie Shore star quickly forgot all about her troubles and slipped into a party mood once she arrived at Thailand's west coast. The couple quickly got comfortable at one of the beach resorts in the country where they have been soaking up the sun. Of course, Holly has been taking advantage of the holiday getaway to take selfies of herself and her better half.

It looks like Holly might have taken one too many drinks and gotten so carried away by the selfies such that she forgot that they were naked when she took the Snapchat video in which she was topless with her breasts and nipples exposed.

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