Chelsea Houska's Dad Wasn't Too Thrilled About Learning She Was Pregnant Again

A bonus clip of Teen Mom 2 has revealed Chelsea Houska's dad Randy reacting to the news of her second pregnancy.

And let's just say Randy wasn't too pleased at first. Chelsea's dad has become a fan favorite and semi-star of the MTV show as he makes brief appearances often to console or give advice to his young daughter. However, in the bonus clip Chelsea is taped talking to her dad about her current pregnancy, and he wasn't all too excited at first.

OK! magazine reported on the clip as Randy can be heard stating it's probably not the best time for a pregnancy even though he's totally okay with it.

"What do you think about this next baby?," she [Chelsea] asked Randy, to which he responded, "Oh, I'm okay with it." He continued, "May not the best time when you're planning a wedding but…"

It seems Randy is pretty logical when it comes to planning out pregnancies when he mentions Chelsea is in the middle of wedding preparations. However, Papa Randy is totally on-board with welcoming a new little one even if it may not sound like it at first.

He went on to say he was a bit surprised 25-year-old Chelsea is expecting again, but not as surprised as when she got pregnant in high school.

"Randy admitted that he was surprised when his daughter told him the news that she was expecting again, however, he said he wasn't surprised "when you were in high school surprised."
However, it's well documented that Randy did not approve of Chelsea's relationship with Adam Lind, with whom she shares seven-year-old daughter Aubree. Houska has since married Cole DeBoer, who is the father of her unborn baby.It's also been well documented that Randy approves of Cole as he asked for his permission before popping the question. Cole also asked Aubree if she was okay with him marrying her mom. Of course, the little girl was very excited at the news as was Papa Randy.

A site called Enstarz also reported on Randy's reaction as Chelsea and Cole became engaged.

"Although Randy often expressed his disdain for Houska's former boyfriend, Adam Lind, he completely approves of the Teen Mom 2 star's fiancé, and shared a sweet message on Twitter after news broke of the couple's engagement."
Randy even took to Twitter to share his joy over seeing Chelsea find in a happy and healthy relationship.
Chelsea and Cole tied the knot on October 1 as she shared several photos to her Instagram account. The wedding looked serene and intimate as the mom-to-be finally found her Prince Charming. Houska had posted a photo on Instagram a few days before the wedding saying she wasn't sure what she did to earn such a great guy, reported Us Weekly.
"I don't know what I did to deserve this man, but I am thankful every single day."
Since then, Chelsea has announced she and Cole are expecting a baby boy in February. But the fun hasn't stopped there as the Houska family continues to celebrate. Chelsea shared a photo of her and her dad on Instagram this week as the family celebrated his birthday. The expectant mom said she's grateful to have him as a dad in the caption on the photo.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY @paparandlicious I am so grateful to have a dad like you!!!"
It seems everything has finally fell into place for this popular Teen Mom star. Fans can also attest to the fact Chelsea seems to be happier than ever as she prepares to welcome her baby boy.

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