Brandi Glanville Allegedly Gets Kicked Out Of Gay Bar For Her Conduct, Trying To Get On Stage

Brandi Glanville doesn't seem to have her act together just yet. Now according to All About the Tea, Brandi was allegedly kicked out of a New York City gay bar because of the way she was acting. Brandi loves to have a good time, but it looks like she might have taken it a bit too far this time around. Glanville was hanging out in New York because she was there to do an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. On this new episode, Brandi didn't hold back as usual. Even though she isn't on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore, Brandi shows up on WWHL from time to time. This time it was to promote her new show My Kitchen Rules that airs on Fox.

It turns out that Brandi Glanville went to Barracuda to have a good time. It turns out that someone at the bar knew who she was and caught her on camera trying to get up on the stage. The thirty-second clip reveals what all went down. The sound simply has music playing. Brandi goes up to the stage and is dancing away, trying to get on the stage herself. The star of the show wasn't impressed and just went right around Glanville to continue dancing away. She didn't let Brandi keep her from having a good time and doing her show.
Next someone with Brandi Glanville is seen going up to her on the stage, hugging her and convincing her to walk away. Brandi follows, and it looks like it all ends there, but that wasn't the case. While Brandi was out, she had Ladies of London star Sophie Stanbury with her along with Kristen Taekman of The Real Housewives of New York City.
People started responding to the girls on Twitter about the time at the bar. One person shared on Twitter they were actually heckled out of the bar for the way they acted. One person said that Brandi was "put out" of the bar, but Brandi is saying that isn't the case. Brandi got upset and started responding to tweets saying that the reports that she was kicked out were not true at all and that she actually goes to this bar all the time. One source even tweeted that the bar cheered when Brandi was asked to leave. Of course, nobody has a video of what allegedly went down after Brandi got off the stage. Now that the story is starting to come out, maybe someone will come forward that took video and just didn't share it yet.

Besides just responding to people about what allegedly happened, Brandi Glanville also went to Twitter and shared her thoughts on gay bars. She said, "I've been going to gay bars since I was 16 &I've been at barracuda for the past 6yrs now I'm a huge fan &great tipper so f**k the f**k off." Brandi Glanville made it pretty obvious that she wasn't happy about what was being said about her.

Are you shocked by the way Brandi Glanville acted at the bar in New York City? Do you miss seeing Brandi on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss catching Brandi on the show My Kitchen Rules. New episodes air on Fox every week on Thursday nights and this is the only show you can see Brandi on right now.

[Featured Image By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]