Coolio Weighs In On Soulja Boy Vs. Chris Brown Feud, Police Brutality And The Donald Trump Inauguration

The Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown feud is still going strong and another hip hop icon is speaking out about it. Coolio recently called in to the Domenick Nati Show on iHeartRadio for a little chat and among the things they talked about was the current hip hop feud brewing between Soulja and Chris. The "Gansta's Paradise" rapper issued a warning to the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star. Check out what Coolio is up to and what he had to say to Soulja about his boxing plans with Chris Brown, as well as his experience with police brutality and the upcoming Donald Trump inauguration.

Coolio issued a warning to Soulja Boy, telling the "Crank That" rapper to pack it up and head back to Atlanta before he gets himself killed. Coolio says that Soulja is not respected in the streets and that he's "playing a dangerous game."

"You got money, you got cars, you got women," Coolio said. "What do you wanna be in the hood for anyway? There's nothing in the hood but dudes."

"Quit playing before you get hurt. I'm not a super Soulja Boy fan but you know I've done the Superman that hoe a few times."
Coolio even went so far as to suggest that Soulja Boy gets a mentor. He suggested that maybe Soulja should talk to Bun B or Andre 3000 about helping the young rapper out. Or maybe they could reach out to him.

Soulja Boy is currently embroiled in a feud with Chris Brown over some Instagram shenanigans. The feud has since snowballed and now has the attention of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mike Tyson, who have agreed to train the rappers for a boxing match. 50 Cent tried to help organize the event, but it looks like The Game's manager Wack 100 has taken over the helm and issued a warning to 50 Cent that he will never be tasked with organizing a West Coast beef.

While the gang implications haven't been completely spelled out, gang involvement has definitely been hinted at and look pretty possible considering Soulja Boy and Chris Brown's rumored connections to street gang activity. Not to mention Soulja Boy's fascination with living in the 'hood.

The Coolio interview went beyond just talking about the current feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. As the conversation shifted to the current epidemic of police brutality, Domenick Nati asked Coolio if he had any personal experience with the police.

The "Gansta's Paradise" rapper recounted a time when he was just 11-years old and he took off in his mom's car. Apparently, he forgot to turn the headlights on and got pulled over by police and they beat him. Coolio recounted, "that's pretty excessive for an 11-year old kid, no matter what he was doing or whose car he was very illegally driving."

"Well, I remember one instance when I was just 11-years old. Police picked me up by the seat of my pants and the back of my shirt, threw me out into the street and then came and dragged me back and slapped me on the car and started beating me on the back of the legs with a flashlight."
Coolio also thinks there is an active push to destroy hip hop and the Afrocentric youth. He is putting blame on new rappers and on the radio stations for playing "garbage."

When it comes to Donald Trump, though, Coolio says that Trump is the "lesser of two evils." He did admit to being an Obama supporter and said that he was just "the first and he won't be the last." That didn't stop him from saying that Obama could have done more.

While many entertainers, specifically black entertainers, are either refusing to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration or are dropping out after pressure from their fans, Coolio says he would hook the incoming president up with a performance if the price was right.

Be sure to check out the whole Coolio interview on the Domenick Nati Show. The iconic rapper never disappoints and has a lot to say while chatting about current events with Nati.

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