'Dragon Ball Super' Universe Survival Arc: New God Of Destruction, Angel And Arena Officially Revealed In New V-Jump Teaser

Dragon Ball Super is nearing the start of its most epic arc to date, and details about the upcoming tournament have begun trickling in. From lineups of fighters to new characters to the design of the arena that would be utilized in the Universe Survival Tournament, Dragon Ball Super is not sparing any expense in generating hype for its fans. Recently, a fresh issue of Japanese publication V-Jump revealed yet another detail for the upcoming saga, and avid DBS fans have taken notice.

According to notable Dragon Ball Super translator Todd Blankenship, a recent blurb in Japanese publication V-Jump provided a new preview for the upcoming Universe Survival Arc. The brief teaser featured Android 17 and Android 18, with the publication stating that the two characters would debut some new tag team moves in the upcoming battle. Android 18, in particular, is set to unveil a set of new techniques that she would perform in tandem with both her brother and her husband, DB veteran Krillin.

What is particularly interesting in the new Dragon Ball Super blurb, however, is the official reveal of the tournament's arena and two new characters. The official arena, which is officially dubbed as the Survival Stadium, is designed somewhat akin to a giant top, with a massive pillar at the center. Spectator benches are designed around the circular arena, and a little further away lies the thrones of the two Omni-Kings.

What fans have taken a particular interest in, however, is the reveal of two new characters that would be making an appearance in the upcoming arc. In the V-Jump teaser, a new God of Destruction and a new Angel were featured, and while the profile for the two new characters remains unknown, their appearance has managed to get a lot of Dragon Ball Super fans extremely interested, mainly due to the manner the god and angel were presented.

Numerous fans noted that the new God of Destruction appears very different from the two gods that have been revealed in the franchise thus far. Prior to the reveal of the new god, the only Gods of Destruction that Dragon Ball Super has featured would be the brothers Beerus and Champa, who are both designed as variations of Bastet, an Egyptian cat god. The new God of Destruction in the V-Jump teaser, however, looks very different.

While the new Dragon Ball Super god still wears traditional Egyptian clothing, the new God of Destruction is distinctly humanoid in appearance. What is more interesting, however, is the character's features, which look almost Hobbit or Dwarf-like, with his short, stocky frame and extremely bushy beard and hair. Numerous fans have noted that the way the character was drawn appears to suggest that he would not be as quirky as Beerus or Champa. Instead, the new God of Destruction looks very serious, stern, and possibly even sinister.

The Angel accompanying the new God of Destruction in the Dragon Ball Super teaser is just as interesting as his ward. Just like the new god, the new Angel appears far more strict than Whis and his sister Vados, and his disposition suggests that the character is all business. Considering that there is a possibility that the Angels are all siblings, however, numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit have noted that the new character might be Whis and Vados' older brother.

New Gods of Destruction would soon be revealed in 'Dragon Ball Super.'
[Image by Toei Animation]

Fans have weighed in on the character, with many suggesting that the Angel and his ward might be the pair from Universe 10. After all, among the other universes in the Dragon Ball multiverse, Universe 10 has been the only other dimension that has been explored by the franchise before. Dragon Ball Super fans would remember Universe 10 from the recently-concluded Future Trunks saga, with the dimension playing host to the arc's main villain, Zamasu, and his hapless mentor, Gowasu.

While very little is known about the new characters except for their design and title as God of Destruction and Angel, their reveal in the V-Jump teaser has managed to answer a number of questions lingering in the minds of DBS fans since the concept of gods and multiple universes was introduced. After Champa's reveal, numerous Dragon Ball Super fans speculated that all the Gods of Destruction might be variations of Egyptian gods, belonging to a single race. With the new reveal, however, fans have confirmed that this is not the case.

Dragon Ball Super has not officially revealed how Gods of Destruction are chosen, though Whis, in one of the series' early episodes, told Vegeta that he should try being a God of Destruction first before he could train under the Angel. Considering this, it does appear that there is a certain manner on how the Gods of Destruction are chosen. Apart from this, if they are indeed granted the title, numerous fans are speculating that one of the series' main characters, possibly Goku or Vegeta, might end the Universe Survival Arc as a God of Destruction himself. If that does happen, then the Universal Tournament would truly be the grandest, most expansive Dragon Ball arc ever.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]