Saint West Inherited Epic Crying Face From Mom Kim Kardashian

Saint West may believe that his father Kanye West is God, but he certainly doesn't believe in Santa Claus, according to People magazine. The 13-month-old Saint wasn't that impressed to be sitting on Santa's lap on Christmas.

If being a son of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is any indication, Saint West is certainly not like all other kids. The 13-month-old son of the reality star and rapper cried when he met Santa Claus last month.

On Friday, Kim Kardashian took to her app to share a throwback snap showing her three-year-old daughter North and son Saint during their visit with Jolly Old St. Nick in late December. In the photo, Saint West is seen crying as he sat on Santa's lap.

North, meanwhile, sat on Santa's other knee with a neutral facial expression as if she was asking herself, "Why am I even here?" It's not the only throwback photo shared by Kim with her followers since she returned to social media earlier this month.

It's been three months since Kim took a social media hiatus in October following her headline-making robbery in Paris, France. Last week, the reality star shared a photo of herself and Kanye West with their children North and Saint West, wearing matching outfits.

On Thursday, Kim took to Instagram to share an adorable snap of Saint West with a pony, and the 13-month-old son of Kanye West appeared to be a little terrified, judging by his facial expression, according to People magazine.

Since Kim inserted a birthday cake emoji in the caption to the snap, it can suggest that the reality star took her son Saint West to see ponies on his birthday, which he celebrated on December 5.

Many of Kim's social media followers noted that Saint West looks just like his celebrity mother. It may have something to do with the fact that the mother-son duo wore matching outfits. As the reality star sported a black fur coat, her 13-month-old son wore an all-black sweatsuit and black sneakers.

In addition to inheriting his mother's style, Saint West also seems to have inherited her signature crying face, as many of the reality star's fans noted. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's crying face has been a source of fun for the Internet for years.

Kim has turned her social media accounts into a Saint West season since returning to social media. Earlier this week, the reality star shared a snap of her husband and son, capturing it, "My boys."

A few hours later, Kim shared a photo of her son crawling in a red sweatsuit, capturing it with a heart emoji. Kim, who gave birth to Saint West on December 5, 2015, is currently in Dubai, judging by her latest video shared on Snapchat.

On the video, Kim is seen holding a falcon. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is slowly recovering after the terrible robbery that took place on October 3 during Paris Fashion Week.

Ever since then, Kim went dark on social media. And it was only on January 6 that she returned and allowed her fans to catch up with her life and family by sharing Christmas snaps showing her husband, and children North and Saint West.

In November, Kim was even hospitalized for exhaustion and sleep deprivation following October's robbery when masked men stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry from her.

On Friday, Kim finally made her first public appearance after the robbery and visited Mario Dedivanovic's Masterclass, during which the artist painted Kim's face from scratch in front of the audience. That same day, French authorities indicted six suspects following their Thursday's indictment of four men.

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]