Sherri Underwood's 40,000 Facebook Likes: I Regret Voting For Donald Trump In 2016 - #Trumpgrets

Sherri Underwood is making a big splash for her Vox essay, detailing all the reasons Sherri already regrets voting for President-elect Donald Trump. As seen in the below trend graph from Trendolizer, which tracks the popularity of the article detailing Underwood's Trump regrets, Sherri has quickly gained 40,000 Facebook likes for the piece. Underwood also led people to follow the Facebook group called I Regret Voting for Donald Trump in 2016, if they also regret putting Trump in office -- but the Facebook page comes with warnings that it's not a place for bashing regret-filled Trump voters.

Sherri isn't alone in her regrets for casting a vote for Trump. There's even a new word for it: #Trumpgrets. The #trumpgrets hashtag stays relatively busy, and there's a Twitter account devoted to retweeting people who now regret voting for Trump, as seen in the following tweet from the account.

For Underwood, however, it was Trump's 60 Minutes post-election interview that made her Trump regrets surface. Sherri was stunned that Trump won the election, but Underwood's elation was short-lived. Sherri didn't like the way Trump flippantly decided not to pursue any further investigation into Clinton's email scandal.
"...I had voted for a demagogue. And it was sickening."
Underwood didn't want to vote for Trump or Clinton — but she chose Trump. Sherri is a self-described news junkie who closely follows news reports, and what came in the wake of her Trump vote made Underwood experience heavy regret. Sherri initially gave Trump a chance because of Trump's promises to repeal and replace Obamacare, a healthcare system that ended up costing Underwood monthly premiums as high as her mortgage, Sherri wrote. But Trump's nonchalant manner of breaking other promises rubbed Sherri the wrong way, even before Trump became President Trump.
Trump's willingness to easily break his promises before even being sworn in as President Trump, according to Sherri, was her breaking point of regret.
"Since that 60 Minutes interview when Trump went back on his promise to investigate Clinton, I haven't been able to look at him the same way. Witnessing his open admittance that he made promises simply because they 'played well' during the campaign was disturbing. He has shown himself to be guilty of all of the same things he accused Hillary of — lying to the public, refusing to do press conferences, putting himself and his business interests above the American people. Since the election, Trump has repeatedly spat in the faces of those that cast their ballots for him."
Underwood wrote that when she voted for Trump, she didn't plan on voting for the wealthy millionaires and billionaires that Trump is lining his Cabinet with in the rich Trump Administration -- a move that Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for doing. Nor did Sherri vote for Ivanka Trump to sit in on meetings with President-elect Trump and the Japanese prime minister as Ivanka's clothing line worked out a deal with a Japanese clothing company.

Whereas Trump's promise to repeal Obamacare seems one promise Trump will fully keep, Underwood is worried about the lack of a detailed plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Trump's "Thank You Tour" saw Sherri witness Trump soaking up applause and praise -- a move that made Sherri believe Trump only cares for Trump. Though Underwood wrote that she knew she would be the object of ridicule for admitting her regrets, she felt it necessary to do anything to reverse the effects of her Trump vote. Sherri is a married woman who lives somewhere in the Midwest, reads the footnote of Underwood's popular article.

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As seen in the top photo above, a photo of Trump was adorned with garlands by Hindu Sena, a right-wing group in New Delhi, India, that offered sweets to the photo of Trump prior to Inauguration Day.

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