‘Meet The Putmans’ On TLC: Is This Show A Series?

This week after a new episode of Counting On, everyone got to see an episode of Meet the Putmans. The fans were hopeful that the Putmans’ show was a series, but so far you are only seeing the one-night special. TLC is one of those stations that is known for having a special and then later on turning it into a series. So what does this mean for Meet the Putmans? So far, the fans are raving about the show and hopeful for more.

The Putmans are a family with four children, but when they became adults, none of them ever left. They all still live under one roof and use the same bank account for their bills and expenses. The spouses just moved right in with them when they got married, and they continue to live as a family. The way the Putmans do it works for them. There are 10 adults and 15 children in the home.

It turns out that the Putman family hadn’t even seen Meet the Putmans until it aired on television. After the show, they went to their Facebook page to share their thoughts.

“Our emotions ran high as we view the show with each of you! We had no idea what the pilot consisted of with everything that was filmed! We all laughed and cried even knowing the outcome and didn’t want a commercial to come! Our phones blew up with comments and voices of encouragement, thank you all! We received messages from people we didn’t expect would watch and thanked us for touching their lives! We couldn’t have explained our love for our family and others without the team Katy Wallin and her team at MysticArt Pictures! Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts! We love you all and thank you for your kind words and support! We are truly blessed!”

The family actually called it a pilot, which makes it sound like Meet the Putmans is going to be around for more than just the one week. Right now, Meet the Putmans is not scheduled on TLC at all. Next Monday following Counting On is a show called Rattled: A Paralyzed Mother’s Story. Then the following week is a special called Kid Tycoons.

The family also shared a bit more on their Facebook about how it could actually end up becoming a series. Meet the Putmans might end up coming back as a full-time show, but there are a few things that will be considered. Here is how they explained it to fans.

“Sooooo…..this is all new to us just as it is to each of you. We talked to our producer and this is where we go from here! Yesterday was a holiday so the 24 hour rating number will not be available until tomorrow to consider us for a series. TLC looks and the numbers 3 and 5 days out after the airing. So please if you set your DVR’s run them for the next week to hit the 3 and 5 day ratings. Our producer also said to have people blast TLC with wanting more. This step in our lives has brought the social media world to light for us so we now have the Instagram, Twitter, Pages, Tumblr and TLCGo icons to our phones. Ask me how to use them, we are learning. Thank you to everyone that we may have not responded to directly or missed, we will find you, and thank you once again! We could not have done this without each one of you. Thank you for enjoying our loving chaos that we have each day! On a side note, Jamie did say the other day, “Where was everyone, it was too quiet!” We are truly blessed!”

What did you think about Meet the Putmans? Are you hoping that this show becomes a series and not just a one-time special? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Only time will tell if this show will become more than just a one-time special.

Update: Meet the Putmansfinally got an answer! Are they coming back?

[Featured Image by Meet the Putmans/Facebook]