TWICE Reportedly To Drop New Music In February? JYP Entertainment Affirms If Their Popular K-Pop Girl Group Will Release Something New Next Month [Video]

With 2016 well behind us, K-pop entertainment companies and labels are working on a plan for the rest of 2017. So far, January has been a month of debuts and re-debuts which includes Varsity, April, and Dreamcatcher. It will also mark the month in which 2NE1 will officially say “Good Bye” to the K-pop community, especially Blackjacks, after officially disbanding last year.

February, on the other hand, will be a month when all other K-pop entertainment companies and labels will probably work around. The reason why is because BTS will reportedly make their first K-pop comeback of 2017 at that time and they do not want to release anything in direct competition with them in fear of their K-pop acts being overshadowed.

However, BTS would most likely be a direct threat to other K-pop boy bands more so than girl groups given the “line of demarcation” between the two. But it looks like K-pop entertainment companies and labels will have to be on their toes for their girl groups now as there are reports that Twice will be releasing new music in February too. JYP Entertainment stepped forward and provided further insight on the reports.

TWICE -- V Live Screenshot Teaser

An insider source of the K-pop industry made the claim on Wednesday, January 18, as reported by Soompi. They said that Twice was in the midst of production of a special album with the goal of releasing it near the end of February. The source also claims that the new album will include both new and old songs. Said claim should have been taken with a grain of salt until another insider source, different from the first, came forward and claimed Twice’s new album will tentatively be set to release around February 20.

As mentioned earlier, JYP Entertainment stepped forward to give further insight on the reports. They provided an official statement to the entertainment media news on the matter.

“Their [next] album will be an extension of their third mini album. It will not be a new fourth mini album or a full studio album.”

It should also be noted that JYP Entertainment did not confirm Twice will actually be releasing an album in February. However, they did not deny it either so it is possible they are staying silent because the release date at the moment is still “unconfirmed.”

TWICE -- TWICEcoaster Lane 1 Cover

To be frank, it would make sense if the new music by Twice is indeed an extension of their last extended play (EP) or mini-album TWICEcoaster: Lane 1. For starters, the title of the mini-album does say “Lane 1” which foreshadows a “Lane 2” for a new song, new mini-album, or a concept. Also, at the end of the music video of the mini album’s featured title track song “TT” (attached above for viewing), it does say “To Be Continued.”

For the time being, K-pop fans especially those who are Once (official fan club of Twice) are looking forward to seeing Twice perform live as on their first tour titled “TWICE 1st Tour — TWICELand The Opening.” At this moment, we don’t know how many stops there are on the tour and if it will solely be in South Korea or international. However, we do know that the first tour stop will take place on February 17 to the 19 at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium. Maybe then we will get an official announcement for Twice’s upcoming new music.

[Featured Image by JYP Entertainment]