WWE News: Kurt Angle Coming To ‘SmackDown’ For An On-Screen Role Soon

The response to Kurt Angle’s WWE Hall of Fame induction and return to WWE has received overwhelming praise, but the WWE Universe still wants to know if this means Angle will be wrestling for WWE in the near future. Even the future WWE Hall of Famer revealed that he’d like to have one last match with AJ Styles, but it’s been reported that Angle and WWE haven’t made the final decision on his wrestling future yet.

ESPN broke the news of Kurt Angle’s WWE Hall of Fame induction. In an interview with ESPN, Angle said the following about what WWE officials and Angle have discussed for him wrestling inside a WWE ring:

“We have not talked about any wrestling. Whether we do or not, that remains to be seen… There are no guarantees. I think right now the most important thing is the Hall of Fame — and I think both sides feel that way.”

Kurt Angle Will Lead the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Goldberg’s recent return to WWE has been a shining example of a former WWE Superstar coming back at the right time to have another run on WWE programming. Kurt Angle’s accomplishments in the ring speak for themselves, but his history of injuries also presents an issue if he’s going to wrestle in WWE again. The WWE Universe has their hopes up for The Olympic Hero to wrestle at WrestleMania 33 in a few months.

The WWE Royal Rumble seems a bit hasty based on Angle’s response and that WWE would likely have kept his return and WWE Hall of Fame induction under wraps if he was to be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match. However, that does mean WWE officials haven’t thought about Angle making his return to WWE television before WrestleMania. In fact, a report is claiming that he’ll be back on television very soon.

According to the report, Kurt Angle is expected to get involved in on-screen storylines for WWE in one way or another over the next couple of months. With the brand extension, Angle could be headed to Raw or SmackDown. Another report is claiming that he is far more likely to be headed to SmackDown Live because Raw is already stacked with big names and Angle already has a lot of history with the SmackDown brand.

Kurt Angle Back in WWE is a Homecoming

During his first run with WWE, Angle was the SmackDown general manager for a brief time while he was injured. No one is suggesting he replace Daniel Bryan’s spot, but bringing him into the fold on SmackDown would be interesting if it were in a non-wrestling role. There is the option of becoming a manager, and he has shown an interest to work with the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions American Alpha in the past.

However, the WWE Universe will continue wondering if he will ever wrestle again. He didn’t formally retire from the ring, but he can’t do a full-time schedule anymore. Fortunately, that isn’t an issue in WWE like it once was even a few years ago. WrestleMania 33 may be out of the question depending on Kurt’s health, but WWE SummerSlam or WrestleMania 34 are still strong possibilities for him.

Kurt Angle’s return to WWE is so exciting because it’s about more than just celebrating and honoring his accomplishments in WWE. There is a new generation of talent for Angle to work with and maybe wrestle someday. Angle could help develop the next crop of young talent at the WWE Performance Center. There is a lot of good that can come out of Angle and WWE working together again, even if he never wrestles again.

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