Lauren Scruggs Reveals New Prosthetic Eye And Hand On Twitter

Is hasn’t even been a year since Lauren Scruggs was tragically disfigured after a freak accident on a Texas runway, but the 24-year-old aspiring model looks like she has completely recovered. Thanks to a new prosthetic eye and hand, the young model looks as good as new.

Scruggs was sucked into a propeller while walking on a Dallas runway last December. The young model lost her eye and her hand and suffered brain injuries during the accident. Scruggs spent more than a month at the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas and is finally getting back to her normal routine.

The young model has a new prosthetic eye and hand and will soon be releasing a memoir, Still Lolo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family’s Journey of Hope. The description for the new book, which hits shelves on November 15, reads:

“A frantic 911 call, several major surgeries, and thousands of prayers later: Lauren lived. She and her family reveal what really happened that night, what Lauren’s life is like today, what got them through their journey toward healing, and how they conquered all odds to persevere as a family.”

lauren scruggs

Scruggs is doing much better since her accident, but the model still says that she has bad days when she gets depressed.

Scruggs told Today:

“Emotionally, days are hard sometimes, just accepting the loss of my eye and hand, but it just gets better and I realize that God is in control of my life and there’s a purpose in this story. Spiritually, I’ve just learned to live by faith and not by sight.”

lauren scruggs eyes

Are you a fan of Lauren Scruggs? Are you going to read her new memoir?