Police: Florida Woman Used Machete To Threaten Daycare Worker

A Florida woman has been arrested after authorities say she brandished a deadly weapon during an incident at a Sunrise daycare facility. The Palm Beach Post reports that 25-year-old Ashley Dailey tried to pick a child up from the center, but she did not have custody of the child -- nor did she have legal clearance to remove the child from the premises. These facts resulted in an incident that could have potentially ended violently.

Police say that Ashley Dailey was told by a daycare worker that she would not be permitted to remove a child from their care. This reported rejection angered the Florida woman, who allegedly pulled a machete on the worker in an attempt to intimidate her. WSVN News reports that the woman also threatened the daycare worker while brandishing the bladed weapon.

Witnesses say that Dailey did not assault the daycare worker, but she did flee from the scene -- hitting a car in the parking lot in the process, once authorities showed up to investigate the incident. Police say the Florida woman sped away from the scene of the alleged crime, leading them on a chase that resulted in the closure of I-95. Ultimately, officers had to bust the window out of Dailey's car in order to arrest her.

It's fortunate that this incident ended on the note that it did, especially with it being an alleged parental kidnapping attempt. Police say that Ashley Dailey does not have legal custody of her children, and that she was trying to kidnap them on the day of the incident.

Sadly enough, this isn't the first time a woman has made a scene at a school, daycare or other areas where weapons aren't welcome. In 2015, a Connecticut woman made headlines when she was arrested for making violent threats against daycare workers. CBS News reports that 36-year-old Kristy Ellison allegedly threatened to "shoot up the place" during a heated exchange with a daycare employee. This resulted in the woman being charged with second-degree breach of peace and second-degree threatening.Last year, an Alabama couple was arrested after police say they planted a fake bomb at an elementary school. ABC 33 News reports that Zachary Edwards and Raphel Dillgard allegedly did this so they could shoot any officers responding to the incident. Fortunately, the duo was apprehended.Also last year, a Niagara Falls woman was arrested for allegedly making bomb threats toward an area school. TWC News reports that 28-year-old Caqua Bembo was charged with falsely reporting an incident-- a charge that stems from the discovery that no bomb existed in reality. According to reports, the woman had become angry and made the threat during a phone call with an employee of the school. Fortunately, no destructive devices or weapons were found in association with the incident, and no children were harmed.As for this latest case out of Florida, police have charged Ashley Dailey with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She's also been charged with battery, attempted kidnapping of a minor and fleeing the scene of an officer. Furthermore, police have charged the Florida woman with resisting an officer and an assortment of other crimes. It certainly seems like authorities are taking Dailey to task for the alleged daycare incident.

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