'Legend Of The Blue Sea' Episode 19 Spoilers: Could Shim Cheong And Heo Joon Jae Evade Their Love's Tragic Fate?

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 will reveal the events following the arrest of Kang Seo Hee (Oh Yeon Ah). The vicious woman finally revealed how vile she is and her confession in Episode 18 led to her arrest. Heo Chi Hyun (Lee Ji Hoon) is also guilty by association.

In Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18, Heo Chi Hyun could have saved his father but he stopped when he heard his father sending a message to Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) telling him that he regretted abandoning his son and his wife. Chi Hyun only rushed to his father's side when the man finished uttering his final words.

When he saw the poisoned water, he immediately poured out the contents and replaced it with clean water. In Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18, Joon Jae rushed to his father's house after hearing the voice message but he came too late.

The Funeral

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 centered on the death of Joon Jae's father and Seo Hee's vile attempts on her husband's life. Although the house has been swept clean, Shim Cheong was able to extract some memories from Seo Hee. These details helped the detectives find some evidence that could link Kang Seo Hee to the death of his husband.

Meanwhile, Tae Oh and Cha Si Ah bumped into each other during the funeral. Si Ah felt ashamed after pouring her heart out to Tae Oh. From the short but sweet moments that the two share together in Episode 18, they would probably grow closer in Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19.

Although the detectives had enough to get Kang Seo Hee arrested, she was able to bail out thanks to her topnotch attorneys. Now that she is the top suspect for her husband's death, Seo Hee started to act carelessly.

Nam Doo's Betrayal

In an effort to protect his mother, Chi Hyun plotted to get rid of Joon Jae by using Nam Doo. The conman approached him when they were in the mortuary and Chi Hyun saw an opportunity to exploit his friendship with Joon Jae. Knowing that Joon Jae is the biggest obstacle in their path, Seo Hee tries to get rid of him.

Nam Doo remained as a loyal friend to Joon Jae in Episode 18 but it remains to be seen if he continues doing so in Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19. In the mortuary, Nam Doo had enough foresight to earn Chi Hyun's trust so they could use him to lure out Seo Hee if necessary.

Nam Doo made a convincing portrayal of a traitor. He even pretended to hit Joon Jae in the parking lot and take him to Seo Hee in Chi Hyun. However, it is revealed that it has all been a ruse to make Seo Hee confess. With this confession, they can finally put her behind bars where she belongs.

Chi Hyun got an unexpected shock that unleashed his temper in Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18. The rage of seeing his mother arrested drives him to threaten Joon Jae's life in Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19. This decision will trigger the recurrence of the events in the past.

In the last minutes of Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18, Chi Hyun grabbed a gun and pointed it to Joon Jae. Joon Jae looked shocked to see his stepbrother attempting to shoot him.

Seeing that Chi Hyun is planning to end Joon Jae's life, Shim Cheong immediately ran to him. Right before the ending for Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18, Cheong wrapped Joon Jae in an embrace in a similar way that Kim Dam Ryung protected Se Hwa from Chi Hyun's spear in the past.

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 will reveal who would live and die. There are speculations that Joon Jae will do his best to make sure that Cheong does not die because of him just like what happened in the past. From the past episodes of Legend of the Blue Sea, Cheong is known to have superhuman strength and she could use this to prevent Joon Jae from saving her in this life.

While Joon Jae and Cheong are more likely to die, there are speculations that in Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19, Nam Doo will prove his loyalty once again. Instead of allowing Cheong or Joon Jae to die, he will take the bullet to allow the two to live happily. After all the years with Joon Jae, he loved the boy enough to treat him like a brother and a son and he proved that he is a loyal friend.

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 is scheduled to air on Thursday, Jan. 19, on SBS at 10 p.m. Korea Standard Time.

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