Moth Named For Donald Trump An Honor Turning Into Insult?

It is not known if Donald Trump will consider this an honor or not, but a biologist claims he has honored the incoming president by naming a new moth species after Trump. The "Neopalpa donaldtrumpi" was given the name of the incoming president after the scientist who discovered the new species saw an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump. Once getting a closer look at the moth, he claims he couldn't think of a better name for the insect and decided to make the Trump name immortal with this honor.

Dr. Varick Nazari, who is an evolutionary biologist, felt compelled to name the moth after Trump once seeing the "charismatic look" it sports on its face. Combine the moth's facial feature with the yellow scales sprouting from the top of it's head and apparently he had "no other choice" but to name the moth after Donald Trump, reports CNN News.

Nazari reports that his first thought was to bestow an honor on the incoming president, but there is a secondary reason for this moth donning the Donald Trump name. He was hoping to spark some awareness for Trump in conservation by giving the 45th president a moth as a namesake. The fragile habitat of the Trump moth needs preservation and what better way to spotlight this but to jump on the Trump bandwagon.

The Blaze reports that along with the scales giving the moth the appearance of Trump's yellow hair, this new species has another trait worth mentioning. This moth apparently has "small genitals." The biologist took to Twitter to announce the new Donald Trump moth. His tweet is seen below.

The moth, which is found in both the U.S. and Mexico, will now make Trump's name immortal, cites Nazari. He also adds, "Having a species named after you is almost always an honor, since your name becomes immortal in the scientific literature." It is not known how Trump feels about the insect carrying his name through history.
The moth makes it home all along the area that is slated for that famous Trump wall. The Blaze suggests Nazari may have named this moth after Trump with the hopes that the incoming president will "ease up on his wall idea." If this was the case, they don't give it too much of a chance at working.

It didn't take long for the moth's "small genitals" to become highlighted by the media, which is now taking a deed that might be considered an honor for Trump, into another avenue for insulting Trump. Nazari never mentioned the moth's small genital area having anything to do with his choice for naming the moth, but that didn't stop some of the media reports to emphasize the moth's undercarriage above all else.

"I am hoping that by appealing to Mr. Trump's good nature, the next administration will make an effort to continue protecting the fragile habitats in the US that are home to as of yet unknown species." This was Nazrai's thoughts behind the Trump moth.

The moth having a small penis was mentioned in scientific terms within Nazari's report describing the moth. He never used this fact at all as a reason the moth was given the Trump name. Again, it was the media that used this fact in the headlines when describing Trump's new namesake.

While having a species named after a person is "almost always considered an honor," which is what Nazrai said when announcing the Trump moth, this might be an exception to that rule once Trump gets a look at the headlines. Donald Trump might take this as an honor, which is what Nazari intended this to be, but only time will tell.

[Featured Image by Paul Sancya/AP Images]