WWE News: Mickie James Vs. Becky Lynch Twitter War Heats Up Following ‘La Luchadora’ Reveal

The reveal of “La Luchadora” on Tuesday night’s episode of SmackDown Live didn’t come as a surprise, as the mysterious masked wrestler was revealed to be none other than the returning Mickie James. Now it appears that she and Becky Lynch are getting at it on Twitter, hinting at an on-air feud between both women going forward.

The La Luchadora storyline started on the December 20, 2016 episode of SmackDown Live, as SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss was scheduled to face a masked opponent, purportedly the granddaughter of Mexican wrestling legend Mil Mascaras. After “La Luchadora” pulled off the non-title win against Bliss, she unmasked herself as Becky Lynch, but one week later, the “Irish Lass Kicker” would receive payback, in the form of another woman wearing La Luchadora’s distinctive ring attire and helping Alexa win her match against Becky.

As La Luchadora continued to appear on SmackDown and even be booked to face Lynch in a recent episode, rumors suggested that the woman behind the mask was Deonna Purrazzo, a jobber whose match against Alexa Bliss in December never got started due to a vicious pre-match attack from the heelish champion. A report from WrestleZone (with info from PWInsider) seemed to confirm this rumor, but the imminent WWE return of Mickie James suggested that Purrazzo was merely keeping the La Luchadora costume warm for the eventual reveal.

All that was confirmed on Tuesday, as La Luchadora offered yet another assist to Bliss, who defeated Lynch in a cage match to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship. In the ensuing post-match brawl, the masked woman was revealed to be James, who has, just as previously reported, made her WWE return, and done so as a heel character. This prompted a passionate promo from Becky, where she said she was “disgusted” by Alexa and Mickie’s actions earlier in the evening.

Now, it appears that Mickie James and Becky Lynch have gotten into a Twitter war, one which started with James retweeting WWE’s photo of James and Bliss celebrating in the ring. Reacting to SmackDown Live announcer John Bradshaw Layfield’s comment that Lynch looked like she “saw a ghost,” Mickie emphasized her status as a multi-titled women’s wrestler returning to the WWE, and, in her words, the greatest of all time.

“Not a ghost… the G.O.A.T.”

This triggered a brief back-and-forth between both women, and while the snipes have stopped for the moment, it does seem as if WWE is teasing a feud between Mickie James and Becky Lynch — a rivalry between a decorated in-ring veteran who’s won women’s titles in WWE and TNA, and the first SmackDown Women’s Champion since the belt was introduced late last year.

Cageside Seats wrote that WWE will indeed have to answer some questions on the coming week’s SmackDown Live, but for the meantime, the possible James vs. Lynch feud is shaping up to be a very promising one.

“They’ve still got some ‘splaining to do regarding why James would play a supporting role to champion Alexa Bliss, but there are several concise, logical explanations for that. The important thing is they’re immediately reminding us how great heel Mickie is. Setting her opposite the WWE’s best babyface in Lynch, and considering both women are fantastic wrestlers…”

“This is gonna be good.”

But what’s next for the current SmackDown Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss? This may mean someone else stepping up in the interim as a challenger for her title — one strong possibility may be Nikki Bella, once her ongoing feud with Natalya is blown off. SportsKeeda cited Wrestling Observer Radio earlier this month, suggesting that WWE may have some title plans for the veteran in the near future.

Regardless of how the Women’s Championship picture plays out for the blue brand, Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch may have just become the latest must-see feud on SmackDown Live.

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