#BoycottADogsPurpose: ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Movie: PETA Boycott Begins As Video Of German Shepherd Forced Into Rushing Water Leaks

Apparently, this dog’s purpose was to survive drowning. The movie called A Dog’s Purpose is coming under heavy fire from PETA and dog lovers for the video below, which surfaced before the release date of A Dog’s Purpose even arrived. Those who have seen the trailer for A Dog’s Purpose on YouTube or in theaters have viewed the movie as a moving and dramatic film about a dog that seemingly comes back into the life of his owner decades after the dog died. The description of A Dog’s Purpose describes it as such, but the new video that has leaked showing a German Shepherd looking very afraid to get in the rushing waters has caused plenty of controversy on Wednesday, January 18.

“A Dog’s Purpose shares the soulful and surprising story of one devoted dog who finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love.”

As reported by TMZ, the video below, which was shot during the filming of A Dog’s Purpose, was filmed in a pool. With A Dog’s Purpose set to release nationwide on January 27, the filmmakers behind A Dog’s Purpose might find themselves in the middle of a boycott by dog lovers due to the leaked video of the dog appearing to be in distress. According to People, PETA is calling on dog lovers to boycott the movie called A Dog’s Purpose in order to show movie makers how dogs should not be treated when making movies.

Warning: The video below showing the filming of A Dog’s Purpose might be disturbing to some dog lovers.

The controversial scene took place in November 2015, in Winnipeg, Canada. The dog in the video above represents only one of at least five dogs that the makers of A Dog’s Purpose used in filming the movie. While a voice heard in the video, likely director Lasse Hallström or someone else present on the set of A Dog’s Purpose, can be heard trying to make light of the situation, it’s obvious the dog is afraid of the water, which was churned up with eight outboard motors to resemble a river.

A Dog’s Purpose could very well suffer at the box office as a result of the dog’s treatment displayed in the video as the dog uses his paws and claws to try and dig out of the pool. Another scene from the filming of A Dog’s Purpose shows a dog submerged under water until the director yells for the filming to stop, and folks swim over in a hurry to rescue the dog.

German Shepherd

Whereas A Dog’s Purpose is being called the kind of movie that dog lovers will love, with this new controversy surrounding A Dog’s Purpose, that emotional outcome is now doubtful. As seen in the top photo above, a German Shepherd mix named Kona, who was not involved in A Dog’s Purpose, seemed to delight in wiping out while surfing during the Incredible Dog Challenge dog surfing competition in San Diego on Friday, June 8, 2012.

a dog's purpose

Meanwhile, a boycott of A Dog’s Purpose is being discussed in the comments section under TMZ’s video on YouTube. A sampling of the comments can be read below.

“I was planning on watching this movie in theaters but I’m not going to after watching this!”

“No animals were harmed during the making of this movie…GTFO #BoycottDogsPurpose.”

“I’ll never watch this movie and make sure my friends don’t either. I hope it tanks for animal abuse.”

“Well I see the purpose of this clip served its purpose…as for the movie’s message about ‘a dog’s purpose’ well I think it backfired. It seems our purpose is to make up purpose when it fits.”

[Featured Image by Gregory Bull/AP Images]