Kate Gosselin’s Strict Rules Revealed, Pats Down Kids When They Return From Jon’s House, More

It is not a secret that Kate and Jon Gosselin don’t get along anymore since their split. The two have been through a lot of drama through the years. Now In Touch Weekly is sharing the details about the strict rules that Kate allegedly has for her kids when they go to Jon’s house. He does have visitation, but Jon has made it clear that when he gets the kids, he never gets them all at once.

It sounds like Kate Gosselin has a lot of really strict rules when it comes to the kids and their visits to Jon Gosselin. Here is what the source revealed.

“Kate says no clothing or belongings can be brought from her house to Jon’s house, so the kids arrive for visitation [at Jon’s] in their school uniforms and change into clothes Jon has for them when they get to his house. Then they put their uniforms back on before head­ing to their mom’s house.”

Another thing that the source said Kate Gosselin is really picky about is cell phones. The source shared that when Kate gets home, she actually pats down all of the kids and makes sure they didn’t bring a phone home with them. As the source shared, this is so Kate can be totally in charge of the kid and what goes on. It sounds like she doesn’t want to take the chance that Jon would send them home with a phone to contact him on that she wouldn’t know about or be able to monitor. Kate Gosselin has made it clear that she is pretty strict with her children.

Us Magazine shared not long ago about Jon Gosselin getting to spend New Year’s Eve with four of his eight children. Jon never gets all of the kids at once, and it sounds like the older girls haven’t been seeing him at all lately. For New Year’s Eve, he had Aaden, Joel, Hannah, and Leah, as well as some of his friends and his girlfriend, Colleen with him. Jon has explained that he doesn’t even really talk to Kate at all anymore. They do not discuss when he will see the kids or which kids he will get to see. He explained some details not long ago.

“I can’t do anything. ‘How come you only get four kids?’ Because who I get is who I get. Whoever comes through that gate or gets off that bus is who I get. And Collin is homeschooled, so he doesn’t get off a bus.”

Jon Gosselin went on to explain that he sometimes has to look at Twitter to find out where his kids are at and what they are doing. This does make things hard on him. Complicating matters even further, their son Collin is in a home for his “anger issues” right now. Jon has made it clear that he doesn’t even know exactly where he is, and it sounds like Jon is not getting to visit him at all. The fact that Kate and Jon Gosselin don’t talk at all makes co-parenting a lot harder for them and the children.

Are you shocked by how strict Kate Gosselin is with the kids about their time with Jon? Do you feel like she is doing the right thing? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts. The current season of Kate Plus 8 with the Gosselin family is over, but you never know if it will return for a new season in the future.

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