Lady Gaga Meat Dress Trending Amid Promises She Won’t Wear It During Super Bowl

Lady Gaga's meat dress is currently trending on Google. Given that the pop star is set to perform during the Super Bowl tomorrow, many can only wonder if she has plans to wear her famous meat dress during her halftime performance.

Lady Gaga at Super Bowl Halftime Show Press Conference
Lady Gaga speaks at the Super Bowl Halftime Show Press Conference. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Per Entertainment Weekly, Lady Gaga has promised her meat dress would not be making an appearance during her Super Bowl performance.

"I don't like to use the word cram when it comes to fashion. There's some exciting stuff. I will tell you that there will be no meat dress there, so don't wait for that."
Lady Gaga's Meat Dress History

As MTV reminds us, jaws around the world dropped when Lady Gaga took the center stage during the 2010 Video Music Awards while wearing a dress made entirely out of real meat. Once the pop star confirmed her meat dress was – indeed – made out of real meat, it left the world with a lot of questions. Was it heavy? Was it comfortable? Did it smell bad?

Fortunately, MTV was able to have a chat with Franc Fernandez – the designer of the meat dress – to get some of these burning questions answered.

Lady Gaga's meat dress
Lady Gaga's meat dress [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

When asked whether or not the meat dress had a foul smell, the designer revealed Lady Gaga claimed she liked the way the dress smelled. The designer explained that the meat had a sweet smell. The designer was also asked whether or not the meat dress would go bad. While the designer said the dress would technically go bad and shouldn't be worn again, it wasn't going to rot.

"Well, yes. And it's a dress that will dry out. The meat dries out, rather than rotting. It becomes jerky. But, it shouldn't be worn again."
The designer was also asked about how comfortable the dress was, if it was heavy, and if it left a messy blood trail. The designer explained that it was a very clean meat with no blood trail, and Lady Gaga claimed it was one of the more comfortable dresses she wore that night. He did, however, confirm the dress was a little on the heavy side. It weighed roughly 40 pounds. He went on to explain that the weight was evenly distributed across Gaga's chest.
"It was fairly heavy. She said it was the most comfortable dress of the night, though. I'm guessing it weighed around forty pounds. It's built on a corset, so the weight is distributed on her chest, so it's not like it's hanging off her neck."
In addition to promising her meat dress would not make an appearance during the Super Bowl halftime, Lady Gaga also opened up about what songs she would be performing.
"We went through my whole career and we chose songs that we hope that both the football fans and the people who are just tuning in for the halftime show will enjoy."
Thus far, Lady Gaga has done a pretty good job of keeping most of her plans regarding her Super Bowl performance under lock and key. Per Entertainment Weekly, Gaga remained coy when giving details about her performance in order to keep the event a surprise.

During the press conference, one of the reporters also reminded Gaga the last time a Super Bowl was hosted in Houston, one of the halftime performers suffered a pretty costly wardrobe malfunction. Gaga shrugged off the question, claiming that people had nothing to worry about as things would be "nice and tight" for her performance.

Lady Gaga opens up about Super Bowl performance
Lady Gaga opens up about her Super Bowl performance [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Are you excited to see what surprise Lady Gaga has in store for us during her Super Bowl halftime performance tomorrow? Are you sad to learn she will not be wearing her meat dress? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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