‘Dr. Phil’ Show: Delusional Homeless Ex-Model ‘Annie’ Thinks Michael Jackson Sang To Her In ‘Smooth Criminal’ [Videos]

Dr. Phil’s show featured a woman named Annie who thinks that she is the Annie who Michael Jackson sang about in the song “Smooth Criminal.” Due to the lyrics that featured Michael repeating the words “Annie, are you okay?” the ex-model featured on the Dr. Phil episode set to air on Wednesday, January 18 believed that Jackson was singing directly to her — and it’s not the only delusional belief that Annie apparently expressed in the following videos from Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel.

According to the article titled 01/18 “My Mom is Delusional and Believes She is Annie From Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’” from the Dr. Phil community boards, one of Annie’s daughters, Akeeya, reached out to Dr. Phil for help after getting fed up with her mother’s delusional behavior, especially because of the way Annie’s behavior was having an effect on Akeeya’s younger sister, who is only 14-years-old.

Annie believes that since she is the “Annie” Jackson sang about in “Smooth Criminal,” she is waiting for songwriting credits and payments and royalties for the song. As a result, Annie is currently homeless with her 14-year-old daughter as she waits for a big cash windfall for her part as Annie in Michael’s song.

Annie listed a number of beliefs to Dr. Phil that sounded delusional to the audience, as well as to viewers of Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel. Annie spoke of Michael’s limo potentially being outside of her home around the time “Smooth Criminal” was released. Annie also spoke of people stealing her underwear and of a secret tunnel that she claimed the father of her children used — and that she believes he is actually several different men in one person.

“Akeeya claims her mother, Annie, is delusional and believes that Michael Jackson wrote his hit song ‘Smooth Criminal’ about her. Annie, a former model and mother of three, says she was in a physically abusive relationship at the time the song was written and says it describes what was happening in her life. Annie says the King of Pop even mentions her name 46 times in the song because he wanted her to know he was aware of the abuse and wanted to know if she was OK. But Akeeya claims her mother is so delusional that she is refusing to work and currently living on the streets with her 14-year-old daughter, because she believes she is going to cash in on the royalties to the song. Who is ‘Annie’ in ‘Smooth Criminal?’ Michael Jackson’s former sound/audio engineer reveals the truth.”

Annie seemed to display textbook delusional behavior on Dr. Phil’s recent episode as she continued to speak about Jackson singing to her as Annie in his song. The audience laughed when Annie kept trying to put words in Dr. Phil’s mouth and in the mouth of Jackson’s sound engineer — who already revealed what most fans know about Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” Annie: Michael’s “Annie” is the resuscitation doll used for CPR.

Annie’s other “erratic” behaviors and beliefs have landed the ex-model in a homeless situation, which is having a negative effect upon her 14-year-old, a teen who has supposedly been homeschooled by her mother for years. Her older sister is dubious about whether Annie is actually homeschooling the girl because she hasn’t seen a curriculum.

Annie debated some of her daughter’s claims about whether she actually said the word “tunnel” or not.

Annie admitted she did not actually see Jackson within the limo outside her home.

Meanwhile, entertainment attorney Chris Chatham thinks Annie doesn’t have a case because only the author of the song has royalty rights to payments.

Annie’s ex, Robert, who is the father of the 14-year-old, says that Annie is in a downward spiral.

On Dr. Phil’s website, he lists more information about Annie.

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