Caroline Stanbury Husband: Caroline Taking Time Off From ‘Ladies Of London’ To Support Cem

Caroline Stanbury was surprised at how the ladies could get along on last night’s episode of Ladies Of London, as she herself had problems with some of her co-stars. She had felt betrayed by her sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, and she had questioned her friends’ loyalty to her.

On this season of the show, Caroline announced her husband, Cem, had received a job offer in Dubai and that he had decided to take the job. It was a great opportunity for him, and it paid well. And rather than separate the family, Caroline decided to pack up her home and move to Dubai to support her husband’s new venture. However, rumors quickly swirled in regard to Stanbury’s failed business.

According to a new tweet, Caroline Stanbury is now revealing that she’s taking some time to herself to focus on her family. Of course, she has moved to Dubai and has already shown off her new home and her new business idea: a line of interior products. But some viewers are starting to notice that she’s keeping her distance from her Ladies of London co-stars. Is she thinking about leaving the show?

“You said you weren’t friends with any of the girls but it seems like y’all made up? I’m lost!?! I thought family,” one person wrote to Caroline Stanbury before last night’s episode of Ladies of London aired on Bravo.

Stanbury later replied, “It’s a long time since we filmed things change and I am just taking space from them x.”

As Caroline Stanbury explains, it has been months since the ladies have filmed together, and it sounds like she just needs some space. One can imagine she feels quite betrayed by some of her co-stars who spread rumors about her failed business. On the previous season of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury revealed that her business was struggling because investors were not willing to dish out money for her. Rumors swirled that she was moving to Dubai to run away from her legal problems, and Stanbury believed that Marissa Hermer was behind the gossip. However, she has denied any connection to these rumors.

“I don’t care. It’s uninteresting to me,” Marissa Hermer explained to Bravo about the rumors that Caroline Stanbury was leaving England for Dubai because she wanted to run away from her legal problems stemming from her failed business and angry investors. “Frankly, there are so many rumors about Caroline Stanbury in London that if I was going to spread one, her changing her zip code is pretty low on the list of salacious rumors about her.”

Of course, the two of them have been cordial while filming the show, but it sounds like they would never be friends in real life. In all honesty, they don’t have much in common other than them having lived in London, being married, and having children. As women, they could not be more different.

“Caroline and I have always gotten along, but we’ve never been best friends,” Marissa continued about their friendships, according to Bravo. “I don’t actually get involved. They’ll start bitching about things Caroline does, like sending them a thousand screaming texts. I’ve been on the other end of that, too. It could happen to you. I’ve been there too. I never got in the middle of anything.”

“I’ve been through enough this year, and I’ve prioritized who I want to spend time with and who’s going to give me things, and if someone’s going to be screaming at me, I’m like, ‘See you later,'” Hermer explained about their failed friendship, adding, “I lose time for people like that very quickly.”

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury taking some time away from the ladies and focusing on her family and her husband, Cem? Do you think she should return to Ladies of London if she gets the offer to come back?

[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]