Obama Calls Supporters To Say Thanks, Accidentally Steals Coffee

President Obama took time out of the day that will decide the fate of his Presidency, the direction of the country and the content of history books today to make personal phone calls to supporters who have thrown down for the President in their states.

Obama was in a Chicago Obama for America field office today thanking volunteers for working on his re-election campaign, and then the President picked up the phone and made some calls to supporters and voters in the swing state of Wisconsin.

Would you be surprised on Election Day to pick up the phone and hear the President’s voice? It appears a voter identified only as “Annie” was similarly stunned, as it is reported that Obama called and said:

“Hi is this Annie? … This is Barack Obama … [pause] This is Barack Obama … You know, the president?”

After hanging up, Obama said Annie was “very nice to me even though she initially didn’t know who I was.” Caller Jill in Madison, Wisconsin was incredulous, and initially did not believe that the President was on the line — Obama is reported as saying:

“Hi, is this Jill? This is Barack Obama. This is your president. You’re working so hard I had to say thanks … No, it is. I’m calling some of our best volunteers up in Madison.”

Before leaving, Obama also picked up a coffee and drank it, not realizing it belonged to someone else and explained he believed it was his tea. But he also thanked supporters, said he expects to win, and acknowledged challenger Mitt Romney had run a “spirited” campaign.