Electricity Fight Video Shocks The Web [Video]

Remember when David Blaine stood on a platform for 70 hours surrounded by Tesla coils? It was an amazing display of stamina but it didn’t really have the excitement that people were hoping for. Thankfully, this electricity fight video just popped up online.

The electricity fight took place at the Belfast Festival in Ireland.

According to Yahoo, the performance was put on by a British performance art collective called the Arcadia Group. The performers used to special suits, which acted like Faraday cages, in order to prevent themselves from being electrocuted.

The stunt is called The Lords of Lightning. The Arcadia Group writes:

“Harnessing 4 million volts of raw electricity into a mystical flow of oscillating chaos, the legendary Lords of Lightning are now charged, primed and ready to launch any event into the realms of sizzling myth with their awe inspiring live performances. Primal wizardry and technological alchemy fuse into the coruscating crackles of the heavens as their bolts of burning energy rip through the barriers of science, setting eyeballs ablaze and rattling fluid physics into glorious spectacle . Quite literally raising the hairs off the necks of any crowd and tearing preconceptions inside out, the Lords are on hand to illuminate any event that can handle them.”

Here’s a look at the electricity fight video.