Michael Moore’s Election Day Plans: Documentary Filmmaker Makes Documentary

What is controversial filmmaker Michael Moore up to today? He’s chronicling Election Day for a documentary project … about Election Day.

Election Day does indeed have a markedly different feel from a regular day in this country, so a documentary project about America’s national pilgrimage to our nearest polling stations isn’t a bad idea, overall. Furthermore, Moore’s plan to document Election Day on the grassroots level is a fascinating one, if he weren’t solely focusing on Obama supporters.

“Here we go! Take an Obama election day photo and tweet it to me with 2012 photos & I’ll post on my site,” Moore said to his 1.2 million Twitter followers.

The idea is to have a running slideshow on Michael Moore’s main website of Obama supporters presumably displaying an “I Voted” sticker or something of that nature since cell phones and cameras are generally not allowed or severely restricted at polling stations.

Days ago, Moore contributed an op-ed to The Huffington Post in which he lamented the fact that a stunning 90 million Americans plan on not voting in the 2012 election cycle. In Moore’s eyes, it is simply unacceptable for those 90 million votes to not go to the incumbent President Obama.

“Each of us knows Obama-supporting non-voters. They’re your cousin, your coworker, your friend from the choir at church. Identify just one of them (best of all if they’re in a swing state) and pledge to get them to the polls. You can try to convince them with all the good arguments as to why they should vote for the O, but I think the best way to do this is to ask them personally, just this once, to do this for you. Not for the country. For you.”

You can follow Michael Moore on Twitter here, and as you can see from his feed, the filmmaker is actually doing a lot of good things on it by providing valuable election resources and encouraging people to vote. We just wish he wasn’t telling … not asking, telling … people who they should vote for.