Jinger Duggar Wants Distance From Spotlight, Newly-Married Duggar Daughter Reportedly Wants Privacy

Jinger Duggar is the newest daughter to have gotten married. She has always been shyer than her sisters while not appearing too frequently on the family's now-defunct reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. When TLC decided to chronicle the lives of the older Duggar daughters, Jinger was still in the background as the beginning was focused more on Jill and Jessa with their growing families. Now that she is living further away and concentrating on building her life as a married woman, fans may see less and less of her on Counting On.

Last night, Counting On returned, and Jinger Duggar was featured shopping for her wedding dress. The show is going back to the wedding planning stages even though the wedding to Jeremy Vuolo was last season's finale. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jinger Duggar might be stepping back from the spotlight. She is the first daughter to move away from the family home, moving to another state to start her life. Things are going to be very different now with one of the older sisters gone and far enough away that a short drive won't reunite the family.

Things between Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were much different than they were with the other daughters and their spouses. She had a little bit more relaxed courting rules, although that was reportedly due to the fact that their relationship was long distance for much of the time. The two traveled together while courting, which was also something her older sisters did not do. Jinger is very much her own person, demonstrating that over and over again as fans watched her grow up in front of their eyes. She is focused on her goals in life, which seem to be settling down with Vuolo and starting a family.

When the Josh Duggar scandal broke, Jinger Duggar came out of her shell a little bit more. She talked about how it affected her on camera, but she had been flying under the radar for the most part before then. There were plenty of tears when talking about her brother as she became a victim once more through the media leak and the amount of attention that was put on her and her older sisters. Jinger has done well for herself, focusing on photography and becoming quite good at it. In fact, she was the one who took photos for Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald to announce their second pregnancy. It was a very touching photo shoot, especially watching the sisters interact through it.

Fans are hoping that once the newlywed phase ends, Jinger Duggar will be happy to continue filming and be more present with the family in Arkansas. There has been a lot of pressure put on the young bride to start a family immediately, with rumors already circulating that she may be pregnant. Derick Dillard started the craze by commenting on a special episode of Counting On, saying he believed she would be pregnant by the end of 2016. While there has been no confirmation of a pregnancy yet, fans are waiting anxiously to see if his prediction was accurate.

This season of Counting On is heavily focused on Jinger Duggar planning her wedding, Jessa Duggar's second pregnancy, and Joy Anna Duggar entering into a courtship. Last year was a big one for the entire family, and many of their blessings are now transferring into 2017. A lot of changes will continue to happen as the children all get older and go off and build their own families. Jinger Duggar is focusing on getting acquainted with her married life and enjoying every moment she can with Jeremy Vuolo without worrying about a filming schedule or anything else holding her back.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]