WWE News: WWE Edited ‘WWE RAW’ So People Feel Sorry For Roman Reigns After He Wins Most Hated Wrestler Award

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was always disliked by the majority of fans at each arena he went to, but it was quite interesting to learn that he was literally voted the most hated wrestler in the world for this past year. It takes a certain level of dislike to win awards like this, but for PWI, it takes more than just being a bad guy. It takes being the best at whatever it is that you are doing to be hated.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated is a kayfabe magazine for, well, pro-wrestling. They write stuff as if it is a real sporting contest to keep up with the concept that wrestling is real. They know it isn’t, but the PWI name can be used a lot more if they write as they do. That said, it is a respected magazine to this day. Each year, they allow fans to vote on who they feel deserves certain awards for a given year. This year, AJ Styles went on to win Wrestler of the Year for one.

However, possibly the most astonishing award was given to Roman Reigns, who won the Most Hated Wrestler of the Year award. In the decades since the magazine started, a man who played a babyface role for the year never won this award. That means Roman Reigns certainly has a level of hatred going for him that is simply too big to overlook at this point, especially if the PWI fans felt that he was the worst compared to all the heels they had to choose from in 2016, including The Miz and even AJ Styles.

Roman Reigns STephanie McMahon

This was not ignored by the WWE it seems. Funny enough, WWE had Roman Reigns drop the WWE United States Championship a week ago to Chris Jericho. Chris had never won this particular title before, so it was a huge accomplishment for his career. Fans would go on to cheer for Jericho beating Reigns. However, if the world is honest regarding this, then they know anyone beating Roman for that title would have been cheered, good or bad guy character.

This was beloved by the local crowd, which was heard live on WWE RAW. Every fan heard it and saw it. However, the WWE may have thought they could pull a fast one and change history, so it was reported that the crowd was upset about the Roman Reigns loss rather than happy about it. They actually edited the ending of WWE RAW to reflect this in fans to draw sympathy and possible love for Roman.

It should go without saying that the internet picked up on this and quickly pointed out the obvious change when comparing it to the original footage. Fans took this as WWE yet again trying to desperately get Roman Reigns over so much that they are willing to edit out fan reactions. They want to make people believe that Reigns is loved so that they will cheer for him.

In reality, he is one of the most disliked wrestlers on the planet, and stuff like this by WWE only fuels this hatred more. People see Reigns as the corporate champion type who is not able to lace the boots of wrestlers better than him. Some fans have literally called him “a good body that sorta wrestles.” Keep in mind, many analysts have claimed that Roman Reigns has gotten better in the ring, and this was especially proven in his matches with Seth Rollins and AJ Styles.

However, the wrestling audience does not like him mainly because of the stuff the WWE keeps doing to force him on the fans. They’re forcing him down the throats of fans, and they do not want this. They’re telling fans, “like him…you must like him.” They have even gone out of their way to bring up The Shield tons of times in the last few months so that fans remember a better time for Reigns when he was getting cheered wildly by WWE fans.

Sadly, fans aren’t into him as a babyface, and a simple heel turn is really all it would take to turn his career around. WWE absolutely refuses to do this, and instead, they opt to edit footage so that it looks to the world that Roman Reigns is loved by the WWE fans. In reality, he is one of the most hated wrestlers on the WWE roster, and the proof is in the pudding when he hears boos everywhere he goes and wins awards for the hatred he has right now.

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