Voting Machine Fraud? Pennsylvania Voting Machine Changes Obama Votes To Romney Votes [Video]

James Johnson

A Pennsylvania voting machine went on a rogue mission to elect Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States on Tuesday. The electronic voting machine which was caught malfunctioning was changing Barack Obama entered votes to Mitt Romney votes immediately after the voters choice was entered via touchscreen.

An internet user by the name of centralpavote realized the mistake and quickly recorded the malfunctioning voting machine on his smartphone. Shortly after centralpavote uploaded the video to YouTube (see below) and then posted it to Reddit, the machine was removed.

Reddit users were quick to engage with the broken voting machine video, which received more than 4,800 "up votes" in a short period of time.

Officials are not sure if the voting machine had an error because of a simple software glitch or if a more advanced hack was involved in the voting breakdown.

There is the possibility that the touchscreen on the device was malfunctioning. President Obama's name is located only one inch away from the choice for Mitt Romney. There is the possibility that certain parts of the touchscreen were registering wrong locations upon each press of the display.

Here is the uploaded video of the faulty Romney supporting voting machine in Pennsylvania:

[iframe width="420" height="315" src=""]

Pennsylvania has had its fair share of problems in support of the Republican party on Tuesday. Early today we reported on a situation in which a judge had to order Republicans to stop demanding that voters show their photo identification outside of polling locations.