El Moussa Divorce: Did Tarek Just Diss Christina And Her Boyfriend Gary Anderson?

The El Moussa divorce might be getting ugly! While Tarek and Christina El Moussa will continue filming Flip Or Flop together due to contractual obligations with HGTV, it looks like their cordial post-marriage relationship may soon be over. According to the New York Daily News, Tarek El Moussa recently posted something on Instagram that seemed to be a “subtle shot” at his ex and her new boyfriend, Gary Anderson (a contractor on Flip Or Flop).

“The HGTV reality star carefully chose the cover of the 2016 romantic comedy ‘Why Him?’ for his most recent Instagram post with the caption, ‘OMG!!!’ The subtle dig is most likely aimed at his ex-wife and her new partner — the family’s former contractor, Gary Anderson. Tarek also added, ‘If you are having a #rough day you #MUST watch this #movie!! I just #cried of laughter for two hours. #Top three movies #ever!!!!! #whyhim.'”

Just weeks after Tarek and Christina El Moussa announced their divorce, Tarek decides to post this. Perhaps it was in poor taste — and that’s why he deleted it. That’s right. If you head over to his Instagram page, this post no longer exists. His latest post is from three days ago and shows Tarek with the Flip Or Flop crew in Mammoth, “tearing it up.” Apparently, the guys had some fun snowboarding in the mountains.

#Fliporflop #film #crew tearing up mammoth!!!! These kids #weren’t ready for this old #mans #skillz!! Had to #represent boarding in the #90’s!! Good day #boyz!!

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Meanwhile, Christina El Moussa and her boyfriend, Gary Anderson, have been at the center of everything as it has been reported that the two are actually living together.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s divorce wasn’t caused by infidelity, however, despite how things may appear. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both Tarek and Christina have denied reports that Christina was sneaking off with Gary behind Tarek’s back. Of course, Tarek was also reportedly hooking up with the family’s nanny, but that supposed romance was short-lived. Either way, the former couple has been fairly straight forward about this aspect of their relationship and seem to be sticking by this theory.

That could change in time, naturally, but for now, the two maintain that cheating wasn’t an issue when it comes to their decision to divorce.

According to She Knows, Tarek and Christina El Moussa have plans to continue working together professionally despite their decision to divorce. The issue is that there definitely seems to be some bitterness between the two — as evidenced by Tarek’s now-deleted Instagram post.

El Moussa

“This is getting really ugly. HGTV is livid with Tarek and Christina. Flip or Flop just won’t be the same if they’re not together, so execs desperately want them to reunite to save the show. If they can’t do that, the network wants to make it seem like they’re getting along, at least until their contract is over. They were given an ultimatum: Either finish out your contracts or we’ll take you to court [for breach of contract]. The network basically said, ‘You guys need to work together, be seen together as a family, walk down the street together,'” said a source (allegedly) from HGTV.

Do you think the El Moussa divorce will ultimately ruin the former couple’s working relationship? Do you think Tarek’s now-deleted Instagram post was a shot at Christina and Gary Anderson? Do you think he did the right thing by removing the post?

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