Savannah Chrisley Wrecks Her Car, Suffers Serious Injury, Posts Pictures On Instagram

Savannah Chrisley wrecked her car in a single-vehicle accident Monday morning, breaking two vertebrae in the process, Us Weekly is reporting.

On Tuesday, Chrisley posted a photo of herself on Instagram, showing her battered and bruised body in a hospital bed, as well as a photo of her wrecked car.

A photo posted by Savannah Faith Chrisley (@savannahchrisley) on
Here's what went down, according to Savannah. The Chrisley Knows Best star was driving Monday morning when the floor mat bunched up underneath the pedals. She looked down to see, and when she looked up, she realized she was careening towards the guard rails. She wasn't able to correct in time and crashed into the guard rails.

What happened next is utterly horrifying: Savannah estimates that she sat there, airbags deployed, screaming in pain while car after car passed. Finally, a Good Samaritan took action and called the cops.

"I have no idea who you are but thank you...I could never repay you for your act of kindness."
She was taken to a hospital, where she found out that she broke two vertebrae, causing numbness in her hands and fingers, and caused pain to spread throughout her arms, shoulders, and back.
"While recovering physically I'm going to take time to recover spiritually and mentally as well. I want to be the best version of myself possible and that will happen. We all make mistakes...all that matters is how we learn and grow from them."
Speaking to E! Online, Savannah's father, real estate mogul Todd Chrisley, confirmed that Savannah had been in a terrible wreck.
"It's the worst feeling in the world to get a call late at night while sleeping to hear on the other end that your child has been involved in a serious car accident and that you need to come to the hospital immediately. That's the call we received this morning about our daughter Savannah."
Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Todd Chrisley was also able to make a joke about the situation.
"Everyone look out for the girl wearing the helmet and riding a tricycle down the highways going forward."
It seems that not everyone is joking about Savannah's wreck. The 19-year-old, devoutly Christian former beauty pageant contestant mentioned on Instagram that some people have used the wreck as an occasion to criticize her.
"To all of you hurtful people that are saying that I deserved it and got what was coming for need Jesus and I'll help by praying for you."
Meanwhile, Savannah appears to be taking the wreck as a sign from God that she needs to get her act together.
"I truly believe that God has used this situation to open my eyes to what is truly important in life and to put my focus back on Him in order to live the right life and be unbelievably happy."
According to her biography on USA Network's website, the 19-year-old former beauty pageant participant put Atlanta, where Chrisley Knows Best is based, in the rear-view mirror so she could attend college in Nashville. The straight-A student, who graduated high school a year early, dreams of being a pediatric oncologist. Despite the rigorous academics in her future, she's still all about fashion and style. Her bio says she wouldn't be caught dead without makeup and heels, and dreams of someday being Miss Georgia.

As of this writing, the specifics of Savannah's wreck, including where and when it took place or whether anyone else was injured, remain unclear, and will likely remain so until a police report about the incident is made public.

[Featured Image by Peter Larsen/Getty Images for Unlikely Heroes]