Taryn Manning News: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Quitting Story Posted, Then Deleted After BuzzFeed Inquiry

Fans of the cult Netflix show, Orange is the New Black are shocked at the latest rumors: Reportedly Taryn Manning has quit the blockbuster show. However, the rumors may not necessarily be true.

In Touch broke the news, claiming that sources close to Taryn Manning, 38, say she made the tough decision to sever ties with the OITNB show and put her health first. It’s no secret that Taryn has been struggling with a worrisome alcohol problem and has allegedly been tough to work around at times. The story has since been deleted.

The magazine reported that Taryn’s drinking problem had reached a level so disturbing that she was “forced” to seek professional interventions last autumn, citing insider claims. Ostensibly, the role she played didn’t help; it put a damper on her struggles in some respects.

“Taryn needed to get away from the dark character she was playing. She also wants to get rid of the friends who don’t support her sobriety. So she’s moving from NYC to LA for a new start.”

Krystie Lee Yandoli is an entertainment editor BuzzFeed. On her official Twitter account, she said information sourced from Netflix suggests that the IT story is untrue. She didn’t elaborate. However, a check of the story shows that the magazine has removed the original story.

Google News Screenshot of InTouch Taryn Manning story

About Taryn Manning, per her website’s bio page.

“Manning is currently seen starring in the NETFLIX hit original series “Orange is the New Black” as the controversial religious zealot Pennsatucky, which premiered its second season in June and will be returning for a third season in the next coming months. Manning will next be seen in the coming of age drama film “A Light Beneath their Feet,” which is currently in production. Manning was last seen in the film which premiered this year at the Sundance Film Festival, “Low Down,” which won a Cinematography Award.”

Back in October of 2016, TMZ ran an exclusive report on Taryn’s struggle with alcohol. Manning was aware of the rumors surfacing in tabloids and on social media sites about her erratic behavior and strained relationships with OITNB cast members.

Taryn reasoned that it was best to do damage control and get ahead of the buzz before the “truth” got out of control. Then, she admitted to taking the first step to sobriety: accepting that she has a drinking problem.

“The ‘Orange Is the New Black’ star says, ‘I am truly grateful for what some may call hitting rock bottom… Some days it sucks and some days it sucks worse. I am not ashamed of this obstacle because I have accepted that it is okay to not be okay.'”

Taryn said her road to success — the typical Alcohol Anonymous (or AA) route — wasn’t possible at the time due to her demanding work schedule with filming. As an alternative, she managed to put together a strong support system: a collection of therapists, close friends and what she calls “other safe outlets” to help her to kick the habit of alcohol dependency.

She didn’t address any rifts and onset tension. Instead, Taryn praised her OITNB co-stars and crew.

“I’ve never felt more accepted, forgiven, and supported than during this period of my life. This is not easy.”

Presuming rumors are true that Taryn Manning is leaving OITNB, the short-term impact to fans is unsettling and will take some getting used to; it will be a huge void for the franchise. On the other hand, she’s young, has a promising future in music and acting.

Based on TMZ’s story, we applaud Taryn for taking control of her life and surrounding herself with positive people. Often, the largest barrier to getting “dry” or “clean” is the cast of characters around an addict. As a source said, the path won’t be necessarily easy.

“But she has a sober coach and attends AA meetings. Most of all, she’s just hoping to live a cleaner, happier life.”

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