Triple Homicide In Jersey City: Authorities Launch Manhunt For Suspects In Brutal Attack

A triple homicide in Jersey City, New Jersey, left three people dead, including a woman who was pregnant with her second child. Although authorities believe the attack was drug-related, they have not confirmed the motive or revealed the identity of the suspects at this time.

According to witness reports, three people, who were wearing face masks, arrived at the Fulton Avenue apartment in a rented U-Haul van at approximately 10:00 p.m. on Monday.

After entering the building and opening fire, two of the suspects reportedly fled the scene on foot.

As reported by NBC New York, Authorities were immediately called to the scene. Unfortunately, it was simply too late. Three people were killed in the shooting.

The victims in the Jersey City triple homicide include Ishear Bailey, 26, and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Janaya Lee. Authorities confirmed the third victim, who was identified as 31-year-old Quadel Chisolm, was one of the three suspects seen entering the building. According to witnesses, Chisolm was “inadvertently shot by a member of his own crew.”

Some sources are suggesting the triple homicide in Jersey City may have begun with a stolen necklace.

In an interview with NBC New York, an unnamed law enforcement source said Ishear Bailey was accused of stealing a gold necklace. It is believed that one of the suspects “taunted Bailey” about the theft of the necklace via social media. As he feared retaliation, the suspect and his accomplices might have gone to “Bailey’s apartment to kill him preemptively.”

The source noted one of the suspects took the allegedly stolen necklace from Ishear Bailey before fleeing the scene. reports other sources are blaming the triple homicide in Jersey City on a “drug robbery gone bad.” However, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office has not confirmed any possible motive for the brutal attack.

Friends of the family confirmed Janaya Lee was the mother of a 5-year-old son and was between six and seven months pregnant when she killed. Authorities said Lee and Bailey both suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.

Quadel Chisolm, who was found unresponsive in the apartment building’s entryway, suffered one gunshot wound to the upper torso.

Monday’s shooting brings to mind a triple homicide, which occurred in Jersey City in 1994.

In February 1994, Barbara Waterman, 28, Felicia Council, 14, and Bianca Wilson, 4, were found dead in an apartment at the Lafayette Gardens public housing complex.

As reported by, authorities believe the killer or killers either knew the victims or had a key to the apartment, because there were no signs of forced entry.

Although authorities offered a $10,000 reward for information, they only received one tip about the shooting. Unfortunately, the tip did not provide enough information for an arrest.

At this time, the 1994 triple homicide in Jersy City remains unsolved. However, authorities seem more optimistic about apprehending the suspects in Monday’s shooting.

In addition to finding one of the suspects dead at the scene, detectives recovered the van used to transport the gunmen to the apartment complex. Several witnesses have also come forward with information about the identities of the possible suspects.

Anyone with information about Monday’s triple homicide in Jersey City is encouraged to contact the Hudson County Prosecutor’s office via telephone or the prosecutor’s office website. Anyone with information about the 1994 triple homicide is also encouraged to contact the prosecutor’s office.

Authorities have not confirmed what could have motivated Monday’s triple homicide, but the Jersey City community is on edge. Although the crime rate has declined in recent years, Metro reports there were 10 homicides in the city between January and December 2016.

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