Angelina Jolie Reportedly Alludes To Brad Hiding Something, Now Terrified It Will Come Out

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have hired a private judge who is expected to put a stop to any bashing by either party toward the other in public. New reports also suggest Angelina is finding single parenting a bit harder than she expected. She apparently underestimated the amount of help Brad offered with child rearing, leaving a void that’s not about to be filled anytime soon, reports an insider.

According to Hollywood Life, before the private judge was on board, Angelina Jolie had hinted to something that sparked some interest for the masses. Earlier this month, Angelina had insinuated in the divorce court documents that Brad Pitt has something to hide. While she didn’t even so much as hint to what that might be, it is reported that she did say how Brad was terrified that this information would get out to the public.

Now, with a private judge who has the time to devote her attention to this case and only this case, it should put a stop to disparaging quotes coming from the estranged couple. At least, they will need to refrain from spewing things in anger about each other. This not only protects their public reputation, but it guards against them saying something they will later regret if their kids happened upon it online. As the Jolie-Pitt brood gets older, there’s no telling what these kids will find online about their parent’s divorce in the future.

This won’t put a stop to comments from all those “insiders” and those “close to the couple,” who are unnamed and singing to the media, but it is expected to keep Brad and Angelina in check. Angelina may be finding out the meaning of that old adage, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” or maybe it is a line from a song, but either way it is fitting. In yet another article from Hollywood Life it is reported that Angelina is just realizing how much Brad did with the kids.

She is getting help from nannies and her brother has also stepped in, but Brad’s place in the family was much more than a figurehead. It took Brad’s absence and Angie getting worn down for her to realize that Brad reading to the kids and cooking for the family was a big help. He was also there to break up the arguments between siblings in the Jolie-Brad brood, so says an “insider.”

The single parenting gig that she’s asked for in court documents has become overwhelming and it’s taking a toll on Angelina. She’s not eating and getting very little sleep from the stress. Another worry for Angelina is Brad emerging as the good one out of the couple. She got wind of his reception at the Golden Globes and was upset over it. Brad got cheers and applause from his peers at the Golden Globes, and the media interpreted this warm welcome as a way for all these famous people to show that they take Brad’s side in the divorce, as described in an article by the Inquisitr.

Jennifer Aniston, who is Brad Pitt’s first wife, also got dragged into the mix via the headlines that reported she was siding with her ex after Angelina’s accusations came out in this divorce, as reported by Vanity Fair. It is not known how Angelina felt about those headlines but reports periodically through the years had Angelina allegedly jealous over Brad’s relationship with his ex. While some reports have Angelina and Brad not dealing very well with being famous faces in a messy divorce, the latest reports have Brad and Angelina in a united front when it comes to the kids.

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]