Paris Jackson Flashes Pierced Nipple While In Paris With Boyfriend Michael Snoddy

Paris Jackson arrived in Paris on Tuesday, and she quickly got noticed courtesy of her numerous piercing -- including a nipple ring a nose and belly button piercing.

Paris Jackson, who is the daughter of the late pop icon Michael Jackson, was seen photographed walking the streets of France while clad in a gray jacket and a pink see-through top that flaunted her nipple piercing. The 18-year-old was also clad in a pair of blue jeans cut off above the ankles and a yellow sweater wrapped around her waist.

Paris Jackson on tour in France

Jackson arrived in France on Tuesday with her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy. The two have embarked on a romantic tour of Paris. She was first spotted at the airport looking very happy and in a different outfit, which included black sweatpants, brown boots, a gray top, and the same gray jacket she was spotted with in the streets of Paris. Jackson's top gave a sneak peek at her belly button piercing.
One of the photos of the couple featured Snoddy with one of his hands on his girlfriend's neck. They looked happy and excited to be in Paris for their romantic holiday. Paris has been dating Snoddy for the past eight months. Shortly after arriving in the city, the 18-year-old hopped into some new clothes and proceeded to tour the streets. The two were spotted shopping at Givenchy Avenue before they took off for a leisurely walk along Champ de Mars. Jackson has been documenting her travels on her Instagram account to keep her fans excited and updated.

Braless Paris Jackson pierced nipple
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"Gonna miss you lil peanut. mommy will home soon," she captioned a farewell statement to her dog on Instagram.

Paris has an interesting sense of style

It was easy to tell right off the bat that Paris has a unique fashion sense. She chose to tour the streets in the cut-off pair of jeans, and they looked quite stylish on her. Like any other tourists who visit Paris, the couple made sure that they visited the major landmarks in the city including the Eiffel Tower. They were also spotted taking selfies as they went on their tour of the city. They were also accompanied by their bodyguard, who kept just the right distance not to interrupt while making sure they were safe. It looks like celebrities are not taking any chances ever since Kim Kardashian was robbed during her stay in Paris last year.
As for Paris Jackson, she is determined to make a name for herself in showbiz just like her late father, Michael Jackson. TMZ reported that the 18-year-old met up with director Lee Daniels to talk about a possible upcoming role in a TV series.

"We've learned Daniels met with Paris and discussed a possible role in his new Fox show, 'Star,' and she's seriously considering it," TMZ claims.

Braless Paris Jackson pierced nipple
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There was also a report that Paris has been approached by numerous modeling agencies seeking to recruit her as a high-end model. All of this is good news for the teenager because she seeks to establish her place in showbiz. She is energetic and is eager to conquer the world after being shielded from the limelight before she reached legal age. It has, however, not been as easy as it seems for her. She has been struggling with addiction, which is why she also wants to use her influence to help out other people that may be going through such issues.

It is not clear whether Paris Jackson and her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, will travel to other cities or countries once they are done with their tour of Paris.

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