Footage Shows UFO Hit By Lightning Over French Mountains: Mysterious Craft Smokes As It Crashes To Earth, ET Chaser Claims [Video]

A UFO hunter claims to have obtained rare footage showing an alien UFO hit by lightning during a massive thunderstorm in a mountainous region of France. The footage allegedly shows the moment that the UFO is hit by lightning. It also shows the alleged craft billowing smoke as it crashes to Earth.

According to YouTube UFO hunter UFO Today, the footage, taken early this week and uploaded online on January 17, 2016, shows a mysterious UFO falling to Earth after being hit by lightning during a thunderstorm while flying over mountainous terrain in France. The footage shows the UFO crashing to the ground over a valley between the mountains after the lightning strike.

“In January 2017, a UFO was hit by lightning during a heavy thunderstorm in France,” UFO Today wrote in a blurb accompanying the footage on YouTube. “You see the moment of the lightning strike impacting the UFO. After the impact the object stays on its trajectory for some time until the propulsion shuts down and the object falls to the ground.”

The UFO did not begin to crash to Earth immediately after it was hit, according to the UFO hunter. It continued on its aerial path for a while before its engines shut down, the UFO hunter claimed. But after its engines shut down, it began crashing to Earth, leaving a smoke trail that suggested it was damaged by the strike.

The UFO hunter argued that the behavior of the craft after being hit by lightning suggested that it was not a bird. A bird would have fallen to the ground immediately after being hit, an enthusiast argued on Disclose.TV.

“The lightning bolt holds 120.00 amperes/350 coulombs of electric charge/500 megajoules of energy. If it had been a drone [or bird] it would have fallen from the sky immediately.”

UFO brought struck by lightning

A small drone would also have fallen to the ground immediately after being struck by lightning.

The behavior of the UFO, according to enthusiasts, raises suspicion that it may have been an extraterrestrial craft.

And after the incident, a search of the area found no wreckage. This suggests that although the video shows the UFO falling from the sky and leaving a smoke trail, it might have recovered before crashing to the ground and flown away.

Alternatively, it might have recovered after falling to the ground, taken off, and flown away.

UFO fleet destroyed by lightning

The possibility that the UFO recovered within seconds after being damaged by lightning suggests that it was an advanced extraterrestrial craft with sophisticated self-repair capabilities, according to enthusiasts.

This is not the first time that ET hunters have reported sighting a UFO crashing to Earth after being hit by lightning.

The Inquisitr reported last September that ET chaser WTFFlow reported sighting a fleet of aliens crafts being destroyed by lightning strikes during a fierce thunderstorm in Corsica.

Filming from his rented house, the ET hunter captured five videos of spectacular strikes. While analyzing the video, he noticed mysterious orb UFOs falling from the sky amid strikes.

At first he thought the orbs were natural but rare ball lightning phenomenon. But after careful analysis and review of the footage in slow motion, he noticed fast moving objects flying toward the storm. The objects exploded after being hit by lightning and fell to the ground.

He became convinced that the video did not show a natural phenomenon but UFOs falling to the ground after being hit by lightning.

“The two falling objects are UFOs hit by the strikes, burning and falling while being consumed in mid-air.”

According to WTFFlow, the lightning appeared to set the UFOs alight. The stricken crafts can be seen burning and smoking as they crashed to the ground.

“I first thought ‘nothing impressive, probably the lightning bolts, normal pattern,'” he wrote. “But after viewing the footage in slow-mo, I saw a kind of fast ‘light’ going in the storm direction. The object went straight through the lightning bolt, causing the strange ‘electrical explosion.'”

The footage sparked debates on several enthusiast forums. Many enthusiasts agreed that the video shows UFOs being brought down to Earth by lightning, but a few suggested that the UFOs were not destroyed by the lightning but that they were only recharging their power source from atmospheric electric discharge.

Yet other enthusiasts argued that alien technology was too advanced to rely on atmospheric electric discharge as a source of power. They argued that it was more likely that the footage showed “cloaked” alien UFOs being “decloaked” by lighting.

[Featured Image by Esteban de Armas/Shutterstock]