‘Blindspot’ Season 2 Episode 12 Spoilers: Can Roman Be Trusted? He Goes Undercover With Kat’s Gang [Video]

Blindspot Season 2 Episode 12 will see Roman (Luke Mitchell) stepping into the field to help the FBI stop a deadly attack. But despite his memory loss, he is not someone who can be trusted. This Thursday’s Blindspot episode, titled “Devil Never Even Lived,” is expected to reveal whether the new Roman can become an asset just like his sister, Jane (Jaimie Alexander), or if he is innately predisposed toward evil.

In the previous episode of Blindspot Season 2, Dr. Karen Sun, a profiler psychiatrist, suggested that Roman should be sent to an isolated mental hospital and locked up there for the rest of his life. He had been conditioned to be cold and brutal since his childhood. Unlike Jane, he lacked empathy. The closing moments of the episode, however, provided an opening for Roman to come out of his solitary confinement and show signs that he can become a new person like Jane.

Patterson (Ashley Johnson) was able to decipher the leopard tattoo on Jane’s body. She figured out that it led to a social security number of someone called Kat Jarrett, a member of a biker gang, the Viper Kings. A photo that Patterson found suggested that Jarrett and Roman had some dealings in the past.

One of the sneak peeks for Blindspot Season 2 Episode 12 posted by Spoiler TV reveals that Roman was in a relationship with Kat. Jane can be seen telling Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), who is warning her to be careful and treat her brother just like any dangerous asset, that her brother loved Kat.

“Dr. Sun is wrong. He is my brother, Kurt. He is not going to hurt me. And he is capable of love. He was in a relationship with Kat and he loved her.”

And in the Blindspot Season 2 Episode 12 promo, Jane is seen saying that they will use Ramon to draw the biker gang out. They are plotting a deadly attack, and the FBI team decides to send Ramon into the field on an undercover mission to catch the Viper Kings, according to the promo.

“Her brother was a dangerous criminal. But to stop a deadly attack, they’ll have to let him go.”

The final scene of the promo hints at Roman’s betrayal. He seems to be pointing a gun at the FBI team. In one of his interviews with TV Guide, Blindspot creator Martin Gero said that Jane had innate goodness in her, and Roman might not be like her.

“One of the things that the show was exploring was the idea of nature versus nurture. Are you the sum of all your experiences or is there an innate goodness or innate evilness to you? With Jane, it seemed like there was just innate goodness in her, because when she woke up she was a very moral, very selfless person. I don’t know that’s what they’re going to find with Roman, I think it’s a little greyer with him.”

Moreover, Gero told Entertainment Weekly that the FBI would not send Roman into the field as easily as they sent Jane because they were not aware that she was a terrorist. Roman, on the other hand, is a known dangerous criminal.

“They don’t let him into the field as easily as they let Jane in. They don’t let him try to regain a normal life like they did Jane. He’s working from a deficit because he’s a prisoner who played a hand in killing dozens of FBI agents.”

Meanwhile, NBC has released the synopsis for The Blindspot Season 2 Episode 13, which is titled “Name Not One Man.” The episode will see Weller finally finding out his connection to Sandstorm.

“The team gets a major break in the Sandstorm case when they discover Shepherd’s (Michelle Hurd) true identity… and a decades-old connection between her and Weller.”

Blindspot Season 2 Episode 12, titled “Devil Never Even Lived,” airs on Wednesday, January 18 on NBC.

[Featured Image by Barbara Nitke/Warner Bros/NBC]