He’s Her Addiction! Lauren Goodger PDA With Joey Morrison The Drug-Dealing Jailbird During His Day Release As They Go Out To Do ‘Normal Couple Things’

Lauren Goodger was pictured with her jailbird lover, Joey Morrison, on his day release from prison. This was the first time Lauren was being pictured in the company of Joey, who is serving a jail sentence of 17 years and eight months on drug-related charges. The TOWIE star first went public about the relationship last month.


In one of the photos of Lauren Goodger PDA with Joey Morrison, the TV star can be seen kissing her jailbird boyfriend. With her hair let loose, the TOWIE regular looked as glamorous as always as she pouted her lips that were covered in nude lipstick. They were both wearing black for the “day release date.”

Another snap showed the tattoo she recently got on her wrist in her jailbird lover’s name – Joey. This was in a picture taken while she was behind the wheel of her Mercedes. Previously, the Essex brunette had tattooed the name of her ex, Jake McLean, on the same spot.

Lauren Goodger PDA with Joey Morrison

Jailbird’s baby mama?

This comes just as Lauren shrugs off speculation that she is trying for a baby with her jailbird lover. She cleared the air in her column which appears in the New! Magazine.

“There has been a lot of speculation that I’m trying for a baby with him but I’m not at the moment. I’ve got my house phone diverted to my mobile so I never miss a call,” Lauren wrote in her column as she also disclosed that she and Joey had never had sex despite photos of Lauren Goodger PDA with Joey Morrison.

This contradicted an earlier assertion she had made late last year that she was looking to getting a baby in 2017. Then, she had revealed to MailOnline that this year would be big for her as she was going to make sure the baby she was planning to get would accompany her to the set of TOWIE.

In the latest piece, the Essex native also talked her relationship with a convict who is expected to be released in about a year and a half. She revealed that she enjoys spending quality time with him especially now that he is getting “day releases” as this allows them to do “normal couple things.”

Lauren Goodger PDA with Joey Morrison

The reality star also revealed that so much had changed in the world since Joey was incarcerated that when she told him on the phone some time ago that she was booking an Uber, he couldn’t understand what she talking about. At the time of Joey’s arrest, the iPhone 4 had just been released and the taxi-hailing app had yet to become a global household name.

On what her beau does to while away his time in prison, the Essex native revealed that he reads books, newspapers and her weekly column. The reality star also revealed that she has been on a mission, alongside her boyfriend’s family, to correct the wrong impression created by the media that he was jailed on charges of impersonation, kidnap and burglary. She pointed out that instead, the charges were being in possession of a firearm and drug-related offenses.

The criminal who stole her heart

In one In Therapy episode that is yet to air, close pals of Lauren have admitted they have concerns over the relationship with one of her buddies revealing that Joey was very controlling and wanted her to do stuff she wouldn’t dare to do for anyone else. However, the friends admitted that Lauren seemed to like that. Also, the friends disclosed that Joey’s bad-boy image was a big turn-on for her. According to the friends, it also helps that he is good-looking, unpredictable and exciting.

Other than matters to do with Lauren Goodger PDA with Joey Morrison, Lauren was also in the news last week when she revealed that she was considering a second boob job after the first one three years ago. Her cosmetic surgeon had, however, advised her to book the procedure only after attaining her ideal weight to enhance the chances of her getting the more natural look she was craving for.


“Going smaller will make my proportions look smaller too. I told him about my training and wanting to lose weight, so he advised me to keep doing what I’m doing and go back when I’m at my ideal weight,” Lauren said.

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