Brad Pitt And Kate Hudson: Brad Back To Girl Next Door-Type? [Opinion]

Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are either romantically involved and working really hard to throw off the scent of the media, or they are just friends. If Brad Pitt is indeed the new love interest of Kate, which is reportedly what she’s told close friends, then it would seem he is back to the girl next door-type, like his days with Jennifer Aniston.

IBT reports that Brad Pitt and Kate have been seeing each other for a while now, but they’ve been keeping it under wraps. After hearing the rumors today, you might understand why they’ve decided to lay low with their relationship. One of those rumors are addressed in the tweet below.

Kate appears to share many similarities to Jennifer Aniston. For starters, they are both usually seen with a smile on their face no matter what the circumstances happen to be at the time. Both Kate and Jen have been referred to by the media numerous times throughout their careers as “the girl next door.” They have both also been called “American Sweethearts.” There is no mystery as to why people see them this way, as they both have that same down to Earth personality and neither have been the subject of backlash for inappropriate behavior.

All you have to do is Google the term “girl next door” with their individual names, and you will see an abundance of references for both Kate and Jen. That is not a term that was used with Angelina Jolie in a sentence. There are some articles and YouTube reels that compare Jolie to Jenn, but it is Jenn who is described as the girl next door in these venues.

The Independent once described Angelina Jolie as having “something profoundly unengaging” about her. They went on to say there was also “something distant and detached” about the actress. This was written in an archived article several years back. The author of the article talked about how he pines for the days of the girl next door actresses, and he saw Jolie far from making the grade under that heading.

It was a long time ago when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston first stepped out as America’s sweethearts. As time went on, they encompassed many of the traits that would constitute the closest thing to a perfect couple. At least that’s how they were portrayed in the media, which may or may not have been different from what went on behind closed doors.

Both Kate and Jen are very natural acting women, neither seem to put on an act outside of a movie role. This is different to the behavior demonstrated by Angelina Jolie through the years. This is a woman who once wore a vile of blood that belonged to Billy Bob Thornton, back when the two were husband and wife. According to E Online in an archived article, this was done as a way of expressing their love for each other.

Many saw Angelina as someone looking for attention during her younger years in Hollywood. She was estranged from her father, Jon Voight, for years. This was very different from Brad Pitt, who was extremely close with his family. From all reports during the time Brad and Jenn were married, his family loved Jenn, and she felt the same about her in-laws.

Oddly enough, not much was mentioned about Brad’s family intermingling with the Jolie-Pitt clan during the Brad and Angelina years. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Brad’s mom, Jane Pitt, tried really hard to bond with Angelina through the years, but nothing worked. She barely got to see her grandchildren. It is reported Brad’s family considers Angelina as the villain in the split.

The Brad and Jen split was long ago, but it was blamed on Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie came along with the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie Brad was staring in, and the rest is history. Even today Angelina Jolie harbors a mystery about her, and her exotic-like beauty is often used on screen as a tool of seduction.

When Brad Pitt was out in public with Angelina, she often looked as if she shared a secret with her husband and kept an invisible boundary around the two of them. She could shoot looks to kill at the camera if it was unwanted and in her way. Again, this was unlike the days he was with Jen. It could be that Brad finds the girl next door-type is more up his alley and if he is indeed dating Kate Hudson, then he’s got a genuine girl next door in his midst.

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