Lizzie Cundy Steps Out Braless And Pantyless

Lizzie Cundy audaciously showed herself off braless and pantyless at a bash in London on Tuesday evening.

Cundy was clad in a very tight and racy dress with a long slit going all the way up her waist. The former WAG made it even more controversial and risky by not wearing any underwear or bra. The dress was reminiscent of the dress that John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen wore to the 2016 American Music Awards which resulted in a massive wardrobe malfunction. Luckily for Cundy, her dress had a waist strap which prevented her dress from misbehaving.

“Opting to go underwear-free for the occasion, Lizzie risked it all in a sky-high slashed dress which revealed a lot of skin,” pointed out a report by Daily Star.

braless and pantyless Lizzie Cundy
[Image by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]

Cundy’s dress was too risky

Cundy has never been one to shy away from a strong fashion sense but this time she might have taken things too far. She wore a silky gray dress which was very conservative on above her diaphragm. It even included a turtle neck design and long sleeves. The outfit was also tight and it held her breasts firmly in place but she was clearly not wearing a bra. The conservative nature of the dress ended slightly above the waist courtesy of the long slit.

“The star is known for her outlandish dress sense and recently turned heads in a sexy see-through top,” cited The Sun.

Cundy not afraid to show off a lot of skin

Lizzie was clearly very comfortable with showing off a lot her legs but she might have taken it too far this time with the dress. The fact that she had no knickers underneath made it even more scandalous because she risked giving a peep at her what she was working with underneath. Other than the risk of embarrassment, the former WAG showed off her sexy legs and a pair of cream-colored high heels with gold accents to complete the look.

braless and pantyless Lizzie Cundy
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Cundy looked undeniably sexy and she managed to steal the show thanks to the scandalous dress. She also rocked dark locks flowing all the way to her back, red lipstick and fingernails painted red. The 47-year-old certainly looked ravishing and young in her jaw-dropping dress. She topped it all off with a constant beautiful smile.

Lizzie had attended press night for the Burt Bacharach’s Promises Promises The Musical. The event was held at the Southwark Playhouse in London. Fortunately enough Cundy did not suffer a wardrobe malfunction. If she did it would have been one of the most epic wardrobe malfunctions of all time judging by the design of the dress. She had tamed the dress with the straps which neatly made sure that the dress covered all the right places.

It seems Cundy had openly embraced the idea of going commando and she was not the only star who was pantyless at the event. Lady Victoria Hervey also chose to go commando though her dress was not as scandalous as Lizzie’s. Lady Victoria opted for a see-through body hugging gown that also complemented her incredible lean and tall body. The dress covered her up all the way to the neck and it also featured long sleeves.

Lady Victoria’s dress also slightly revealed a bit of underboob and the mesh design ended along her waist. However, it was so perfectly crafted that the dark bottom part of the dress married the mesh just in the right places which was vital because she had no panties underneath. It showed off her curves and some of the photos taken also showcase her tight toned body which includes a very flat and enviable tummy.

Though the dress was beautiful and well designed, it did not manage to captivate the cameras as much as the dress that Lizzie wore to the same event. Regardless, it is clear that female celebrities such as Lady Victoria and Cundy are openly embracing risky attires in which they strut their stuff while topless and pantyless.

[Featured Image by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]