‘Homeland’ Season 6 Episode 2: Peter Quinn Struggles As Carrie Fights For Her Client

Homeland Season 6 premiered in January instead of the Fall schedule and Episode 1 was available to Showtime subscribers two weeks before it debuted on January 15th. Episode 1 follows a Muslim American who makes vlogs in locations of domestic terrorist plots and adds his context to what happened. He is eventually arrested by the FBI for supporting terrorism and Carrie Mathison works with Reda Hashem to protect his civil rights.

Peter Quinn has also hit a new low following his gas attack in Berlin, which occurred in Season 5 and the former special agent is struggling with his rehabilitation. The new president-elect Elizabeth Keane is suspected to have an agenda by Dar Adal and Homeland Season 6 Episode 2 continues with the theme of the premiere, according to the description:

“Carrie and Reda fight for their client while Quinn fights against his new life. Saul and Dar suspect Keane has a secret.”

In the short promo for Episode 2 titled “The Man in the Basement” Dar Adal is highly suspicious about the President-elect advisors and when asked to give her the benefit of the doubt Adal responds “Presidents don’t get chances, they get tested” while Carrie argues that her client has the right to freedom of speech which he used to criticize the United States foreign policies in Episode 1.

Carrie and Reda’s client does not seem interested in a plea bargain and Peter Quinn continues to struggle with sobriety, which will be problematic now that he is living in Carrie’s house who now has custody of her daughter. It is unclear at this point how long Carrie will be able to tolerate Peter Quinn’s self-destructive behavior and if the former CIA operative will ever be able to return to duty.

Homeland’s showrunner Alex Gansa has confirmed that the series will end at Season 8 and the ending has already been planned out. Therefore, it is unclear how much of the series is influenced by the current political climate. However, it was revealed that the season will discuss the Iran Nuclear deal, which was a topic of discussion between President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the election campaign.

Many fans of Homeland predict that Carrie will find her way back to the CIA and showrunner Alex Gansa’s comments to Deadlinereflect that:

“I’m absolutely building the story toward a conclusion and, barring unforeseen world events, we do really hope to go abroad for the last two seasons and to end the story there. We also hope to get Carrie back into the intelligence agency business. She’s been out of it now for two seasons and I think it’s time that she goes back into the fold and then winds up doing her job overseas somewhere.”

Despite the President-elect being played by a female, Gansa explained that the character is more in the Donald Trump “mold” but her politics is different. The first episode suggests that she has some sort of distrust for the United States intelligence community and Donald Trump has also expressed a similar sentiment in regard to the Russian hacking claims.

Homeland Season 6 will also feature some characters from past seasons since Carrie is back in US soil. Many fans suspect that some members of Brody’s family may make an appearance or some other characters from Carrie’s past.

Carrie will continue her role of being in the middle of CIA business working from the outside in Season 6. It is unclear when she will be brought back into the CIA fold or whether it will occur this season. How the CIA handle the unorthodox President-elect will also be a theme this in the sixth season.

Homeland Season 6 Episode 2 airs this Sunday on Showtime.

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