Foxy Brown in Superhead- is that you, Foxy?

Who would have thought the rapper who out-dirty-mouthed Jay-Z in the seminal 90s hit “Ain’t No *****,” later went to prison for assaulting a nail tech over her tips and who faces more jail time for throwing hair glue at a beauty store employee would end up fellating a man on a fuzzy internet sex tape? Not I, and that track has a permanent place in my iTunes top 25 ever.

Foxy Brown (born Inga Marchand in New York holla!) is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the whole bj-on-a-cameraphone trick, with a short clip making the rounds of Foxy servicing an unidentified man in a less than enthusiastic fashion. The clip is being unimaginatively tagged “Superhead” or “Foxy Brown Superhead” in what I imagine is a reference to Superbad. Wikipedia says Foxy’s got an album coming out later this year, but unlike other strategic leaks, it’s not close to the (as of yet unannounced) release date for Black Roses. And I’d imagine if Foxy was in any way behind this, she’d pick a clip that was more… flattering.

While I can’t say for sure if it’s Foxy, the woman in the clip certainly looks like her. If you want to see for yourself, you can view the short clip here– although, I feel honor bound to mention it is certainly not safe for work .