Drinks Are On Sandy: Fully-Stocked Pub Washes Ashore, Brooklyn Residents Party

What do you do when a devastating hurricane washes a perfectly good and fully-stocked pub into your neighborhood? Brooklyn residents decided to have a block party when this exact thing happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Though superstorm Hurricane Sandy caused unprecedented damage to the northern east coast, it bestowed at least one gift to the residents of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn: a fully-stocked mini pub. The bar was torn from its foundation at the Gateway Marina and carried by rushing flood waters a full two miles to a Brooklyn neighborhood, reports MSN.

Residents dubbed the displaced bar “Sandy’s Bar” and held a block party to indulge in the free libations.

“We had a big party. We had nothing else to do while we were waiting for everything else to dry, and this was a great opportunity to get our minds off everything,” said one Gerritsen Beach resident.

One resident recalled watching the bar arrive in the neighborhood. “It was moving 30 mph toward my house!” said Patrice Dolan. “Oh, my God! What do I do? What do I do?” she cried as the bar careened through the streets.

The answer, obviously, is “drink up,” and that’s just what the residents did when the flood waters subsided. Once the pre-stocked bar ran out of liquor, Brooklyn residents brought coolers, extra booze, and and power generators to keep the party going, reports the NY Post.


“We had Jameson, Skyy Vodka and a bunch of beer,” said one resident. “We packed 40 people in there. That’s a lot of body heat to stay warm.”

The party lasted through Friday night but ended Saturday when police and sanitation workers arrived to officially condemn the structure. “I was going to try and put it in my back yard and make it a permanent bar, but they had to knock it down,” said resident Keith Sarrell.

Last night, with “Sandy’s Bar” officially torn down and reality once again setting in for the residents of Gerritsen Beach, they turned to burning damaged furniture and cardboard to keep warm. It is still unclear when the lights will come back on for the devastated seaside community.

At least “Sandy’s Bar” provided the residents of Gerritsen Beach with some free alcohol and good community to help them forget their troubles and keep their spirits up through the weekend.