WWE News: 2017 WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle Expected To Be Part Of WWE Storylines This Year

It was revealed this week that former WWE World Champion Kurt Angle would be entering the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame, but many fans were wondering if he might just show up in some big WWE storylines this year. Kurt Angle has been away from the WWE for over a decade. He left for TNA Wrestling in 2006 and had been there for ten years. He spent the better part of his career with TNA, helping it grow to the second best pro-wrestling business in the world.

Sadly, TNA began to take a step back two years ago, and other promotions like New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor Wrestling rose up to push TNA even further back. All the while, one of the bright spots of the company was Kurt Angle. The man could do no wrong and was able to go in the ring with literally anyone.

Most of the time, when wrestlers get older, they tend to decline in the ring. There are exceptions like Shawn Michaels and Triple H, both of whom never seemed to lose a step at all. However, for the most part, wrestlers get worse with age. It is understandable too, as you clearly are going to move slower and lose strength no matter what. Plus everyone younger will be able to move better and faster. They're also going to be stronger, more often than not.

Kurt Angle TNA
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Yet Kurt Angle has been able to do well with everyone, which means that he can still do a lot in the ring for the WWE. He will never be able to work a full-time schedule again, but he could do a few matches here and there, just like Sting and Brock Lesnar have done so successfully. If anything, WWE brought Goldberg back, who was never known as a good wrestler. If they bring him back to let him work a match, Kurt Angle would be an easy choice to allow back in the ring.

All of this being said, clearly WWE would want to use Angle knowing he can do a lot of good. This is why, according to Cageside Seats, WWE does plan to use Kurt Angle in upcoming WWE storylines this year. It is uncertain if he will be involved with WrestleMania 33 as of now, but storylines do seem to be open for him. This could allow him to be part of an authority position on television.

WWE never thought they would be able to keep Shane McMahon around as long as they have. He was supposed to leave shortly after WrestleMania 32, but he loved being around and really enjoyed being part of everything again. This was something his father, Vince McMahon, loved seeing and always wanted. Shane has even been able to pitch some creative ideas, which have been used on television with both WWE RAW and SmackDown Live, where he is the Commissioner.

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The rumor is that there are plans to have him wrestle at WrestleMania 33 and then leave WWE again. It is uncertain when he'll come back after that, but clearly, it won't be the same amount of time he took off before. Regardless, someone needs to fill in that authority role, and Kurt Angle could come in and take on a General Manager or Commissioner role for the WWE after WrestleMania if nothing else.

It was rumored that Angle was going to be the big WWE 2K18 pre-order bonus. Like Sting, Brock Lesnar, and Goldberg before him, the idea would have been that this would have pushed for Kurt to get involved with WWE again. Before all of this, however, Angle had reached out to Triple H and Vince McMahon about returning, and it seems the plan all along was to make him part of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Now, it seems WWE beat 2K Sports to the punch, and Kurt Angle won't have to wait around to be involved with WWE once again. It is uncertain if he'll have another match in WWE, considering he has to pass all the WWE medical testing before he can actually wrestle in a match. However, if he comes back with a clean bill of health, then WWE will surely want him back in the ring. That means we're now all waiting to hear those test results, but no matter what, WWE will want to have Angle back for some sort of storyline in 2017 and go from there in terms of having him do others.

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