Kim Zolciak Responds To Photoshop Allegations With Passive-Aggressive Move

Reality star Kim Zolciak came under fire this past week for posting a super-thin selfie on social media. Fans immediately took to calling the 38-year-old former Real Housewives of Atlanta star out on her alleged Photoshop attempts as she appeared skinnier than ever in the Instagram post.

Zolciak shared the photo in question on Friday as she showed off her new Vetements X Juciy Couture high-waisted track suit. Kim was very ecstatic about the two brands collaborating as she posted a photo and two videos flaunting her slim figure in the suit. She continued on to point out how well the style fit her curves as she posed in front of a mirror.

“Never been happier!! @vetements_official x juicy couture does it get any better then this! Loving this collaboration!!! this is better then a tracksuit baby! Amazing fabric, same “Juicy” on that ass just a perfect silhouette.

It doesn’t take much to see that Kim is looking slimmer than ever in the red Juicy sweats as she sports a major thigh gap and teeny-tiny waist. Even Khloe Kardashian weighed in as she said she was “jelly” about how small Zolciak’s measurements seem to be. However, followers can no longer see Kardashian’s comment on Kim’s photo. In fact, followers can’t see any comments.

It seems Kim finally grew tired of having people call her out for Photoshopping the image as she has since deactivated the comments section. However, she did add a snippet to her caption as she addressed the allegations.


Apparently, Zolciak also shared some images on SnapChat that supposedly prove she didn’t need to use any editing to get her slim physique. She also — not so passively — took to changing a caption on one of the videos sporting the Juicy suit as she addressed the “haters.”

“I’m me! I love me! Always have Always will! so thankful I’m me! I have worked on me since I can remember early in my teenage years, I always strive to be better, read books to learn, wake up everyday and try to be a better person!! you f****** haters should take note #NoPhotoShopNeeded…”

However, people were quick to point out that Kim looks a bit “chunkier” in the video than in the still photo.

“See, when we see you in video, your legs are quite chunky compared to the still photos you like to promote. You are embarrassing women with your nonsense.”

Kim Zolciak accused of photoshop on Juicy couture Instagram post

And while Zolciak seems to be trying to promote body-positivity with her captions, Instagram users addressed the fact Zolciak is now seemingly obsessed with her size.

“I would never let my daughter watch you. You have the chance to be real and make a difference, but you choose to demote your worth down to a thigh gap, fakery and plastic surgery.”

Kim also deactivated the comments from the second video as well as the photo in an apparent attempt to ward off the negativity. It may be a matter of time before she does the same for the comment section on the last post. While fans and non-fans are calling out Kim for her alleged attempt to create a smaller frame with photo editing, the Daily Mail is also questioning her “perfect” figure.

“She’s never been one to go for the natural look – using plastic surgery to create the body of her dreams. But while she has no qualms about going under the knife, Kim Zolciak appears to have resorted to the considerably less painful option of digital trickery to craft her latest Instagram post.”

Yikes! It seems that no matter how much Kim wants to ignore the allegations or keep people from talking about it on her posts, she can’t completely avoid the subject. The Daily Mail went in-depth as to why people are accusing Zolciak of Photoshop as well.

But Kim’s slim waist appeared to have been reduced even further to give her cartoonish proportions.

“Fans were quick to point out the amateurish signs of some home Photoshopping, with the window ledge appearing a different shade of white as it came into contact with her waist – suggesting it had been altered.”

The site also quoted since-hidden comments from people calling out Zolciak and her unnatural proportions.

“THAT IS MANIPULATED come onnnnnnn she wouldn’t even be able to breathe with that kind of body geez so fake. Sorry. Not trying to be mean.”

Indeed, while people may not be trying to be mean by calling out Zolciak, it should be noted if her itty-bitty figure was only achieved through digital editing. There are impressionable young women looking up to her as a role model, after all.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]