UnBelieberble! Sahara Ray Swims Completely Naked Again Just Like In That Sex Expedition Trip With Bieber Last Year

Sahara Ray has once again proven that she has nothing to hide when it comes to her body. Sahara, whose father is Tony Ray, a famed big wave surfer, is once again in the news for wearing nothing at all and when she does, wearing what is as short as her relationship with Justin Bieber.

The model who rose to fame after she stripped down to her birthday suit during a swimming session with Justin Bieber, took her talents this time to Bali, Indonesia. There, she did not disappoint as she bared all while swimming under a waterfall.

Evidence of Sahara’s time in Bali was littered on her Instagram account where she shared a couple of videos and photos. As Sahara Ray swims completely naked, one of the videos shows the 23-year-old model completely in the buff as she plays about in the water leaving her fans asking for more.

And in a still photo, she is pictured bra-less with the waterfall acting as the background. Sunflower emojis were used to cover her nipples. As she floats on the water, the sounds of the waterfall as well as sounds emanating from the natural rainforest can be heard in the background.

Sahara, whose swimwear line goes by the name Sahara Ray Swim, is also pictured posing with a pal who is also uncovered on the top part of her body. A draw on squiggle is used to cover the friend’s breasts too. The friend, Bryana Holly, is also a model.

In another photo in which the two friends are wearing skimpy bikinis, the two are photographed with their mouths open and facing to the sky as they try to catch some raindrops. The two friends were able to get away from flouting the no-nudity policy of Instagram by placing some stars on their nipples.

Sahara has been on holiday in Bali for the last few weeks. During that time, the swimwear designer and model has been regularly feeding her fans with racy images and videos. Some of these images include one where she showed off her pert bum while she was at the Ungasan Clifftop Resort proving that Sahara Ray swims completely naked. As she enjoyed a read, a bottle of wine lay by her side. Another image showed her in the water wearing nothing except a pair of fishnet stockings. Another picture had her in a bathtub wearing nothing and doing nothing save for giggling.

Sahara Ray Swims Completely Naked

Yet another photo taken of the model at the resort showed the swimwear model donning a wet transparent dress as she eyed the photographer seductively. Her pert bum was clearly and alluringly visible, a fact that the more than 1 million followers she has on Instagram must have thanked her for.

Some of the images she has posted have prompted her fans to conclude that she has had cosmetic surgery on her lips. One fan even accused her of looking like she was suffering from bee stings.

Sahara’s time in Bali is not the first time that the model is baring all. During her fling with Justin Bieber, the two were photographed as they took off their clothes to swim in the nude. This was at a secluded lagoon where, in one memorable foot, the model could be seen on the water’s edge squatting with just a white thong on.

????Jungle nymphs come out to play???? What an incredible oasis....Thank you for having us???? @ambalamavilla

A photo posted by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on

During the Hawaii trip, she also posted several snaps in which she was topless, further proving that Sahara Ray swims completely naked. In one where she is pictured with Justin Bieber, she left a curious comment.

“A few of my favourite things,” she commented during the Hawaii trip while holidaying with friends at a cliffside house worth more than $6 million.

For Bieber, this wasn’t his first time either to flash his package as he had previously done so in 2015 while in Bora Bora.

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